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Animated Gold Icon tutorial




Is it's leght over nine thousand?
NOUU! Itz over ten thousand! D8 it's just over 9000

What a lame thing to make such long tut xD. But I hope it will help users of Oekaki na Smoczym

All of us have possibillity to make his own contest, but we have to do prize - gold icon. And some of users have problems with it, for egsample they don't know, how to make sparkles.

I was the first person who tested this function (I think Arshana was the one who has such idea) and make my own icon. From that time many people asked me how to make them, or even ask me to make some for them, and I promised to make tutorial.

Of course, some methods i used can sound stupid, but it's just a tutorial made by person who did just two icons - one for my own contest, one for this tutorial. And I hadn't any tutorial, I just saved some icon from old contests made by admins, and opened them in GIMP and look at them attentively frame after frame.

Anyway it isn't such hard to make icon. Using my way it can at last take 2 hours. Mere icons took ca 15 minutes. Animation is more labour-consuming (and boring...easy, but boring...), but If you don't want to make super ultra animation, don't know, Paprica in 50x50 px frames I shouldn't take more than those two least making this tutorial was more tiresome, than drawing icon.

Tutorial is in both english and polish languages because there are more and more user of oekaki na smoczym, who are from other countries than Poland. Some of them have their accounts here.

If fullview won't work, then try download button.
And I'm sorry for mistakes in english.

finished icon [link] (looks much better on dark background....)

Sparkles [link]
31 frames of sparkles on transparent layer, fell free for use, if you want add them to your contest icon. But please open them with Gimp- photoshop will merge all layers into one.

Palette [link]

EDIT- I forgot about adding titles for each part of tutorial...
EDIT 2 - There's another way to obtain animated gif XD check tutorial
EDIT 3 - I had a request to change the last part- add the other way of obtaining gif- with image ready. Now it's shorter, but I hope still understandable. If you have a problem with Image Ready, then please search for tutorials in internet...cause this one is about icons, not exporting gif animation in general.
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I only have MS Paint. Is there a way to do this with ms paint?