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Fatal Hearts Fanart

I like the game Fatal Hearts. Google it. IT's fun.
So this is a fanart of it. Its not done, but i'll post it when it is. I really like this...
Took about two days (=_=), made in MS paint, tablet and mouse, the end. =D
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ahmedgreat2005's avatar
Everyone looks really good except Tim I guess.
Tim is ugly and fat. Always.
Rizmelea's avatar
I love this very <3 AND ACTUALLY, I LOVE TIM SO MUUUCH >w<
I haven't payed fatal hearts in a while, but i always liked the werewolf side better. Less cult activity, always a plus.
Rizmelea's avatar
I agree, werewolf side has a better endings than the Vampire side...;w;
...Thanks, by the way. *fails*
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So remember:
If you ever take a walk in the woods and find a dead body and run from the cops who conveniently show up, don't get into strange purple-haired guy's cars.


I like it. =D
And since it's apparently not finished, you should finish eet.
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of course I won't cuz then you can't meet tim <3
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I haven't played the werewolf side of Fatal Hearts very much, but I do remember liking it better than the vampire side.
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