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Wizard of OZ - Emerald City

This ilustrations was made for Kids newspaper
I used photoshop, pecil and wacom bamboo
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© 2008 - 2021 marchine
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I'd like to use this for a flyer I'm making for a lecture I'm giving.
How to I obtain permission to use/purchase your work? Your art is outstanding and a gift.
It's so wonderful
Wow! This is splendid. This presentation is reminds me of renown Disney BG artsit from the 1950's, Eyvind Earl. He did the BG's for "Slepping Beauty." despite the sweep, the charm, and the delicate colors, there is something oddly woebegone about it, too. I am so inspired by this!
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higher resolutions please?
Hi! I am putting together an elementary school yearbook. (simple, non-profit project for students only). The students have chosen a Wizard of Oz theme. Would you give us permission to use your art as the cover?

Thank you!!
Clark School Parent
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I'm really in love with your talent and specially this picture. The wizard of oz is my favourite story! I would love to use it on my personalized Visa bank card, but the bank tells me I have get permission from the artist first. So I'm asking kindly if I could borrow this amazing picture to decorate my awesome kick ass card? I would greatly appreciate it! Take care
Olivia Vasquez Godoy
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This is beautiful!!!
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I was wondering if I could use this for a project in school.I have to recreate a dust jacket cover for the Wizard of OZ.
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It's so beautiful and cute!:love:
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The Tin man is so SHINY! Too's a crime to be THAT Dorothy could probably use him as a mirror because you made him so shiny. Marvelous job.
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Acabei de descobrir que essa imagem é o wallpaper da Catherine Hicks, que trabalha na Pixar! O_O
hahaha parabéns, está muito bom mesmo!!
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!!!!Como vc descobriu isso?!!Me mostra?! :)
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A Catherine Hicks escreveu no Twitter enviando o link para esta página!! =]
Hi, we just found out we are having a baby girl and we wanted to do her room in wizard of oz. I was wondering if it was ok with you if I painted a variation of this on her wall? I love this picture and you did an amazing job!
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No problem.
Thanks for you coments :)
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I like it! That's so sweet :love:
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inspiring, encourage me to start illustration asap:)
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so great so awesome... :D
amazing style...
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Nem sei bem o que dizer. Não há nada neste trabalho que eu não adore.

Impressionante! Muitos parabéns, és um excelente artista!
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Você me perdoa se eu não conseguir tirar os olhos da juba do leão? Já tentei de tudo, não dá, hahahahaha!!!
Maravilha xD!
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