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Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus 'Spitter' Studies



Dilophosaurus is my favorite Jurassic Park dinosaurs from the movie because Spielberg took such liberty with creativity and went all out with the design. I like the film maker's original interpretations, that it's a four feet tall dinosaurs that has a frill, spits venom, and doesn't walk but hops instead.

In fact you can see it hopping in the movie by playing it frame by frame when it first comes into the scene. In the script/storyboard Nedry dubbed it as an extinct kangaroo. Some of the early JP games (Sega Genesis, NES, SNES, arcade) has the spitter hops. I think on why it was depicted as such, is to captures the cuteness of the animal. Unfortunately, I don't think this concept is being carried out since (at least not in recent tied in media).

I don't recall the reason on why they made it having a frill and rise up like a frilled lizard when it's about to attack. That's probably to distinct the dinosaurs from the rest, considering it doesn't have much screen time, so they want the presence to have an impact.

Because in real life, paleontologist think (or thought) it had a weak jaws, the book's author added the ability to spit venom, which being carried out into the movie.

However it was scaled down for the movie, so that audiences doesn't confuse it with the raptor, not because it is still a juvenile.

The only thing that I'm not a big fan of is it supposed to have two sacs beneath its jaws, but that maybe because I found that out after I saw the movie (which by then the concept was already abandoned). Maybe that's where the dilophosaurus produce its venom, thus explains why the animatronic spits from under its tongue. Or maybe it's based on the white part on frilled lizard's frill (which I'm guessing is muscle).

Stan Winston Studios/Legacy Effects also mentioned something like "when you created a movie like this, you don't just want to create a dinosaurs, but you also want to create a character." By giving the dilophosaurs those traits, it makes it a unique memorable character.
So memorable, that many later dinosaurs media took it as a template. For example, Dino Crisis 2 and Primal Carnage has a four feet, crested, venomous dinosaurs. Or the fact that there's a frilled dinosaurs in The Dinosaur Project movie and an episode of Johnny Bravo.

And with that, I prefer it on how it meant to be for the movie to reason everything out (it's not fully grown, etc). To me if they ever decided to bring it back to the film and making it different from the first one is just disrespecting Spielberg's vision. I never considered the screensaver from The Lost World to be hard cannon as it is not supposed to be seen up close in the movie. It's more like an easter egg. Like every promo material that stated the inaccuracies about all the dinosaurs, it's there just to educate people about the actual facts about the dinosaurs that was seen in the movie, not telling it where it was wrong within itself.

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