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Papercraft Evil Megas Download

I feel I need to share the big boss to go along with M.E.G.A.S. :)

EDIT: OK I have fixed my stupid mistakes since I forgot to double check the files whenever there's missing or it follows the standard. ^^;
Anyways now it has:
*PDF Templates, by color for easy printing.
*The PDO Templates were fixed and now has complete parts.

Download it with my new mediafire link:…

Just like last time, it has pdos and some notes to help you out.

Thanks for anybody that build this model. :D
I hope you can build it and -GOOD LUCK- !!! :icongreatjobplz:

Check in my gallery if you to see the whole model with more photos. :) (Smile)
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This is great! :)
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Awesome model, mate. :) (Smile) 
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I'm glad to hear that! :D
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Hot damn, this is just down right gorgeous :wow:
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Oh Ritualist! Long time no see bro :D I''m glad you're digging it! Headbang Emoticon 
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Wow! Look at it, that's amazing! :omg: 

Sure, OK... so I am not a big fan of mechas, but I used to watch these shows when I was growing up. This is like a piece from my childhood. And you did a great job with it! I am really impressed with all the joints on this one. It looks great and I am sure it moves great, too. You should be really proud of this piece! :nod: 

... And maybe one day I'll attempt to build it, too. ^^;
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Wow chicks do dig giant robots! :headbang: Well almost! :blushes:

Umm, actually, it's not articulating. It's a static model, but I still designed it that way since I always try to match the model to the original design. Still, I'm honored to be proud of this grand piece. :nod:

Sounds great! Just make sure to make a huge room for this guy or you might got trouble where you will placing your stuff toys! Laughing 
SinistrosePhosphate's avatar
... So... we gotta talk. ^^; 
... First things first... I'm not a chick. And while people do send me stuff toys... I don't have a bunch of them around. 
... But chicks -might- dig giant robots. Who am I to say no? ^^; 

Either way... 
You did a great job with it. And if you didn't tell me, I would think it could articulate. (You really didn't have to tell me that, you know. ;)) But yes... you did a great job with it. And like what I said, one day I would love to be able to build it! :w00t:
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BAM! Atomic Cock :BombingEscape:  

The theme song gets stuck in my head every time I see this piece and I always wanted to say that! ^^; :laughing:

I look forward to it to see your own version! :D I'll be patient :la:
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Nothing wrong with that! (Besides, it's an awesome theme song! :XD:

I hope to be able to build one myself later. Not sure when that will be, though... ^^; For starters, I'm moving at the end of the month. Until I get settled in again, I won't be able to build anything for a while. And that aggravates me! :shakefist:

Ahem... but after I get settled down, that's another story. :) 
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The only thing we can do about it is to be patient. :meditate: Well I do aggravate if I have my days to build papercrafts get delayed, but it happens. :stare:

If you do get started, I'll recommend you to keep the parts in a container so that you can continue in other days.  So that, if you go back, it's there! Did you know that most of the parts I have in my latest papercrafts were built 3 years ago? (especially the waist) ;)

I hope you settled in a better place! :D
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Life... has a way to get into things. That's the problem, really. Right now my life isn't exactly all mine to play around with - exam is this weekend and after that, I have an interview next week and I fly out to move my apartment. It'll take about a week's time to drive back to my parents' place after everything is moved. It's going to be one heck of a trip! ^^; 

It's aggravating and annoying for sure, but it's just life, you know? ^^; 
And after moving everything to my folks' place... I'll be living out of the basement for a while. It's really, really not ideal... ^^; But once again, it's life. 

I really like the container idea, though. I had no idea you can save the pieces for that long, but that's a very encouraging thought! :D I have "potential papercut patterns" that I still need to develop. And some of them are years old, too. I guess we are in the same shoes! ^^;
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Wow... that's so much lol. But again, I'll be waiting another summer to build stuff when school begins(10 months!!!!), so yeah, same shoes ^^;

Yeah, putting them in a container will actually make you feel have a "save point" in papercrafts, that otherwise been thrown away when eaten by rats! :stare: 

So yeah we have to find ways to keep our heads up when it comes to these :la:
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