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Following in the footsteps of this piece DC by MarcFerreira , this Marvel one is some fun I chose to have with these characters in my free time. I picked the ones I liked the most and/or are most popular.
Then I drew them in the costumes I like the most also and -- here they are!
Hope you all enjoy!

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this is killer, PLEASE tell me there is a COLOR version of this???
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Haha, thanks! - but no, there isn't a color version, sorry! :-)
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Ningún Inhumano. O mejor dicho, 0 Inhumans :S  .
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I like this
This is amazing
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That one company with great comics and movies alike.
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and this one is even more impressive than the dc one. I love the layout. Gonna go check out your gallery now. lol
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Thanks for checking out this piece and the DC one. Glad you liked those!
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I cant see loki!
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that smirk on Hawkeye. Classic Clint Barton grin  Love it!
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A counterpart one huh? damn nice too!
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And thanks again!
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Wonderful drawing.
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Absolutely amazing
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