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Every single day I'm asked by a minumum of one person about the legitimacy of being able to increase the size to your penis. I work with science, I always have and always will, consequently whenever someone asks people about whether these supplements or penis enlarging lotions and creams work, I ask them to consider the science behind that. The penis is not a muscle, it's not something that could be grown alone by changing the foods you eat, by healthy living or by taking a magic pill or even cream. Yes, these changes may improve your erectile health, they'll give people better erections than you'll ever know, but they won't allow your penis to grow.

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The only thing can adjust your penis size is direct stimulation to your penis and a cocktail of hormones and biochemicals. One of the most important of these becoming the hormone that allowed you to grow in the first place - Human Growth Hormone (HGH SUPPLEMENTS).

Anabolic Explosion Created By <a>growth supplements

HGH is a effective hormone that is effectively one of many major components in allowing our growth as people. It was made famous in the media a long time ago when it was revealed that current world soccer player with the year, Lionel Messi, suffers from a deficiency in Human growth hormone and was given an everyday shot of HGH to aid him grow. Clearly the hormone helped boost a wonderful career for the football player who now earns the equivalent of $400, 000 a 7 days. Whist this media attention slowly died down, behind the scenes in the penis enlargement industry, scientists were marvelling in the benefits the human penis can achieve through the use of Human Growth Hormone.

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During puberty the amount of biochemicals and hormones in young males are off the scale in comparison to fully developed males. HGH is among the most hormones that is sky high during puberty and essentially allows the penis to cultivate by itself. Now scientists have been trying to develop a process that can replicate the consequences of puberty but on a compressed time scale. Basically they wanted to develop a system allowing substantial penis growth but in a much shorter time-frame than that of puberty. The penis still has to be stimulated through a series of well developed penis activities. But it is the HGH so that the real growth to happen. As its part of a complex system, Human Growth hormones can't simply be taken alone and then expected to produce outcomes. These systems are now finished and starting to hit the markets.
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Submitted on
March 15, 2012