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Toph Set 02

I did a set of Toph drawings from Avatar the Last Airbender, to be a gift for :iconamaea: comissioned by her friends.
I did this comission of 4 Toph pics on January this year, but I couldn0t upload it until now since :iconamaea: still had to recieve the gift.
I won't upload all of them, just my favourite 2 of the set.

The second one I did, this was supposed to show a counterattack.
Watercolors and photoshop to boost.

Hope you like!!
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dia lee ass just got kicked
Lol, Toph is smiling and in her head I imagined her saying "In your face LOSER!!" :) :P
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BITCH GOT OWNED!!!! I meant the dai lee lol!!
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is there any site for avtar series for sendig criticism etc..?
and where can id download the korra series?
and is there (legand of korra) any one like toph?
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Really, I dunno, I just use bittorrent for that =P
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That's right. Who's the bad ass?
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Whiplash tyme nao pleeze!
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Whoo Toph stone upper cut to the face! :#1:

Hayley :floating:
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xD that is amazing!
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They now call him toothless! :laughing:
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you got owned man toph beat ass in one hit beat that
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her expression is epic!
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that dai lee agent got pwned.....
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Beautiful action shot. Haha.
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I love how you drew the angle! It really adds dynamic motion to that wicked uppercut!
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