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Superman x Wonderwoman

A quick comission in Level Up León ComicCon (in Spain), for Cristina, :icondnmrules: 's girlfriend, Wonder Woman kissing Superman, so I did this colored sketch for them.

Quick sketch, hope you like!! Also, yeah there are some mistakes, I know, but I like the overall effect. It was drawn in the middle of a ComicCon, so circumstances were harsh ;)

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My OTP😊❤️
Cute and sexy.
TheRealT-ZER0's avatar
Absolutely adorable!
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Wow that's is so unique touchiness awesome 😯
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¡Te quedo genial! ;)
Nitish-Loneshark's avatar
Wonder Woman's Surprise Kiss lol Just take it Kal :)
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I love this. So cute. Wonder Woman makin a move on superman, just how I picture them
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This is my second choice after clark/lois
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Awesome a really great pairing :)
Lovely. Even though Wonder Woman doesn't need her lasso for making Superman love and kiss her.
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Awww! I love the coloring and shading, and the expressions! Also, the whip is amazing and the cape, too<3
Overall, I give it five out of five stars!
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You all know it Canon now right.
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It's so hilarious and awesome, thanks for making it!
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They would be an epic couple.
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And why is it, that superman is ment for Lois Lane?
qudrat's avatar
lois lane is actually lame, it would have been awesome if he went for wonder woman though
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Ah such classic heroes! I personally enjoy the matching of Batman with Wonder Woman that they use in some media, but this is awesome too
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I really, REALLY agree with you.
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This is brilliant :D I can never draw a perfect Wonder Woman and this is hell perfect :D I love it.
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Lol, I love Superman's face and how you used the lasso was very clever. Thanks for sharing :)
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