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Transformers G1 Season 3 and 4 DVD cover


Here it is the artwork I've done for the Madmen Entertainment : Transformers G1 Season 3 - 4 Remastered DVD collection.

Love to work on this one! Specially drawing Galvatron and Scorponock!

Done lines on Painters XII and Colors on Photoshop CS3

You can order your box set here :…

Please, do not use this artwork without permission.

Transformers © Hasbro 2013.
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© 2013 - 2022 MarceloMatere
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Beautiful artwork, specially Rodimus Prime!... can you make another one on High Resolution? or some other with Rodimus Prime looking powerful?

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This is an amazing picture! Well done!

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This looks fantastic! Nice work.
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Oh my! This is amazing!!!
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Excellent! Love the classic G1 style.
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I like this picture because Rodimus Prime is acting like a leader instead of a wimp.
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Will you do the covers for the Transformers Animated dvds that Madman entertainment wants to release? BTW, good job on that piece. :icongoodjobplz: :iconautobotplz:
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Pretty neat. :)
Though Galvatron's face is a little bit off.
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Whoa! ... Amazing job!
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I have the Shout Factory US release, the Matrix of Leadership Complete Series Box Set. I got it for my birthday a few years back.

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That's quite a neat cover and glad that you have fun working on this one.
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Funny that you have Galvatron "seeing stars".... as by this point he's lost all sanity/touch with reality, I.E. gone crazy.
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Scorponok, you sexy beast!
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Awesome work, mate! :) 
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Thank you mate! 
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Very nicely done!
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