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TF Animated 3 Cover

Here's TF Animated cover for issue 3.

Since IDW showed this cover last weekend I think there's no problem to put it here.


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AndrewArtfan-Venezue's avatar
He looks really cool, but in what chapter he appears?!
GuidoGuidi's avatar
Very cool piece, dude! All digital?

I really wish to get a chance (and time) to draw in Animated style sometime in the future :P... I really love it!
MarceloMatere's avatar
Thanks man!

Yep! It's really cool draw this style digitally..and fast! I dont need to scan anymore hehe.

I think you should man! I'd love see you working on it =D

BTW your AHM pages are awesome! are you inking them?
GuidoGuidi's avatar
Thanks dude... I think I will stuck with pencil and paper, can't get the right feeling with the tablet :P
Anyway I think the animated style is very cool, no matter the tools used.

And yes, I'm inking the AHM pages too! it's an hard work! :D
hombreimaginario's avatar
Hey man, are you colouring your covers yourself?
They look great btw.

MarceloMatere's avatar

Yep most of know..after that coloring issue in Spotlight Grimlock, I decided try to color them by myself. ;)
hombreimaginario's avatar
You truly are a wise man xD
Seriously dude, I'd like to see a whole issue penciled/coloured by you ;)
(which doesn't mean I didn't like Liam's colour, on the contrary!!!)
MarceloMatere's avatar
heheh thanks man..
Yeah..that's one thing that I'm planning to do ..let's see =D

And I liket Liams,s colors as well they are some of the best ( if not the best pages ) in that book.;)
Gatana's avatar
oh shit, I gotta keep eyes peeled for some more comics
LiamShalloo's avatar
nice man, hopefully i can get the alt one uploaded soon :)
MarceloMatere's avatar
ohooh cant wait for that!

I saw your Animated pages...pretty cool man!
LiamShalloo's avatar
thanks man :D

you got anything else in the works at the moment ?
MarceloMatere's avatar
Only Animated covers man.
And a few stuff for Hasbro...some package stuff ;)
LiamShalloo's avatar
sweet dude, im loving your covers my man
glovestudios's avatar
Nice job, Marcelo!

It was really great getting to know you a but this weekend.

Next time we'll trade sketches, I promise. :D
MarceloMatere's avatar
Thanks man!

Yeah it was great to meet you man! Hopefully at Botcon we will trade those sketches!

Cant wait to see Cosmos book ;)
glovestudios's avatar
Ha! I meant "a bit," of course.
wregis's avatar
Wow, mandou bem! o/
Archanubis's avatar
This cover mean that Oil Slick will be in it?
Rees3's avatar
Good to see Marcelo drawing another TF book..
MSipher's avatar
Man. You know who'd be a great voice for Oil Slick? David Warner.

Then again, he's a greta voice in general.
Der-Der's avatar
It looks like he's ready to kick butt.
MilkManX's avatar
Cant wait to grab this one!
The ram's skull on his shoulder is awesome.
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