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Predaking vs Cliffjumper

Another one. Poor Cliffjumper heheh
Like WW Megatron this was my first Predaking illustration.

see ya
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Glass gas is Cliffjumper's only hope. Considering he once charged Megatron and punched him in the G1 cartoon,Predaking isn't going to scare him.
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Poor Cliffjumper indeed...and picute is awesome!
Phenometron's avatar
Poor Cliffjumper. xD
space6's avatar
You guys should have a little more faith in the bravest autobot. I bet his glass gun could give predking some trouble
Timehawke's avatar
This is about as one-sided as Homer Simpson Vs. a box of donuts. Still the artwork is stunning and very expressive, especially the birds getting out of Dodge.
PrimeShift01's avatar
Thats yo ass mister postman!!! Man, talk about one sided. i wish him luck.
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
That is not a fair fight at all.

CliffJumper probably dropped a bunch of circuit boards out his butt.:P
OrianPrime92's avatar
Poor Cliffjumper...
daehanminguk's avatar
Let's hope that the Technobots arrive soon and form Computron and they both fight and then Cliffjumper gets squished and crunched up until they get off him and fight as separate component parts-*takes breath*
Novastorm73's avatar
So sharp! Interesting pair to pit against each other, Predaking doesn't stand a chance!
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The only realt hing I have to complain about is the scale, but since Transformers takes a dump all over the law of conservation of mass, and this is just SO GODDAMN COOL, I think it's nothing to raise a big deal over.
This won't end well...
UzumakiRamen-chan's avatar
I'd say ol' Cliffjumper is...oh how do you say it...



Theblackpanther's avatar
I keep hearing "FINISH HIM" from Mortal Kombat the more I look at this pic XD

I have to say the piece is gorgeous :D
ZangelXIII's avatar
A quote from Metalgear Awesome comes to mind: "Do you seriously think this is f**king fair?"


Nice art.
byrnstar's avatar
...I don't thing the bfg's are gonna help CJ this time...O_O;
Yondercat's avatar
really cool. yes indeed poor cliffjumper
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A Congratulatory Haiku
By HinoNeko

This art is so cool
the Hidden Gems of Fan Art
chose to feature it!
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Cliffjumper's screwed!!!!!
FrankORourke's avatar
CLIFFJUMPER is the man er Bot, he will run circles around PREDAKING woo hoo....

Cool image
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Errr...kinda one-sided? =P
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Damn you.

You're making me fave stuff as if it's on a conveyor belt. >.>
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