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Predaking package art


Transformers G1 Predaking - Platinum edition package art 

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Pretty epic he is!
metalformer's avatar
Worthy of the king of predators!
ArwingPilot114's avatar
FECKING BADASS!!! All hail the Predicons!!! =D
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I love the Bonus Sword made for Predaking
hellbat's avatar
Bloody awesome! His pose is very cool, the use of the metal texture works really well on this.
IzumiJihChan's avatar
I am loving Predaking. 
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Nice one - shame I have the Encore version at home.  Still, everyone has to own a Predaking.
Somvold's avatar
That's quite a neat package art here.
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Predaking looks awesome. Amazed by the level of detail.
Archanubis's avatar
Nice work on the original 'king. :)
JoeTeanby's avatar
Hell yeah! That kicks ass!
Love the pose. And I love the little touch of Tantrum's nose ring.
ToaNaruto's avatar
To quote Robert Epps: "Man, the 'Cons always get the good shit!"  This is freakin' awesome!
Robo-Bug's avatar
I sold this set about a year or two ago to help pay for my wedding. I think I made something like $200 off of it, so… go Predacons and Predaking. lol
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