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Metroplex cover inks

So here's the inked version of my wraparound cover for Spotlight Metroplex. Really cool work!

Sketches done in PS CS3 and Inks in Painter XI

Hope you like!

Please do not use without permission

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This is fantastic!  Why do you ink in Painter? What's the advantage?  Thanks!
Great!I have this book!
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Dude you have amazing talent!!!!!!

WIth your permission of course i would love to color this in photoshop. If i post it i will give you credit and say i just colored it.
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Other than Metroplex having teeth, this is spectacular!
rattrap587's avatar
Esse desenho tá muito phoda... PQP Xará!!! Você mandou bem demais... Que tamanho de folha de papel tu usou? (ou foi todo eletrônico via Cintiq?)
cirus5555's avatar
think this could be my fav
ScreamerToTheStars's avatar
This is great!
You have a fic that goes with this?
N-i-k-o-l-a's avatar
Omg, seing this colored would make me cry... So cool.
SzoSzu669's avatar
cool man youre a great drawer and inker
rimpala's avatar
very cool! You handle perspectives quite well
cyberjam's avatar
awsome artwork!
is there a colour version yet?
MarceloMatere's avatar
yep gonna post it soon ;)
cyberjam's avatar
nice that would look really cool!
smotcha's avatar
Aeee Matereee!!!
Ficou louco!
Esse deu trabalho hein!

LiamShalloo's avatar
sooo good i wish to have robot babies with it :D
Grimwolf13's avatar
Rediculously sick detail, the linework is insane! Great piece!
joeorange's avatar
Seriously Bad Ass
Moondancer0X's avatar
That is one pissed off looking Metroplex.
ultrachicken's avatar
metalformer's avatar
Simply amazing! I just love this type of art. Detailed and action-packed! Wish Metroplex would get more "screen time".
augustocanibal's avatar
Muito bom lindão.
Quando eu posso passar no teu estúdio?
MarceloMatere's avatar
cara quarta eh um bom dia...ou na sexta mesmo..dai podiamos almocar o q vc acha?
augustocanibal's avatar
Sexta de manhã rola?
Passo no teu estúdio.
Mas tenho que voltar pra alpha as 13:00h.
Te ligo e devo chegar 11:30h.
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