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MTMTE and RID interconneceted Covers 7 pencils

Since IDW showed these covers during their panel at Botcon last weekend, I think there's no problem to show it here!

Do you like Decepticons? Dinobots so here we go!

Interconnected covers pencils for issue #7 of Transformers: More Than Meets the Eyes and Transformers:Robots in Disguise. Those are the incentive covers for the Decepticon and Dinobot month ( July/2012)

Hope you like!

Great colors by :iconnoprips: !

Please do not use without permission!

Transformers©Hasbro 2012
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Dinobots... Sempre incríveis!
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After talking about posters of the covers over on twitter (DarkestHOur17) and now seeing this, we definitely need poster sizes. :XD:

I really am going to have to get the whole set of these now as this is too awesome not to own.
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Haha, just read the comment and saw the link (duh). Unbelievable job!!!
J-Rayner's avatar
I'm speechless!!! This is one of the best Transformers drawings I've ever seen! Did anyone colour it?
LiamShalloo's avatar
Wow 0_0 mind blown! any chance i could play with this sometimes and throw some colours on it
MarceloMatere's avatar
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you sir are a scholar and a gentleman. Been years since i threw some colours on your pretty lines :D
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Very good job. Awesome laser and explosions effect.
The lines, the metal and mechanism are cool too.
Muy buen trabajo. Impresionante efecto de láser y explosiones.
Las líneas, el metal y los mecanismos están geniales también
BryanSevilla's avatar
Amazing!Thanks for sharing your pencils :)
Transypoo's avatar
When connecting this did you have to cut a strip on the page away so the Print Areas touched or did you just join the pages together?
MarceloMatere's avatar
just join the covers and have fun! ;)
Somvold's avatar
Really like the amount of details you put in which will made this quite a cover here.
Somvold's avatar
Always a pleasure.
Wow, Megatron and Dinobots? What is happening?
MarceloMatere's avatar
Decepticons and Dinobots month homage ;)
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you guys both did an amazing job on this!! It has most of my favorite TF characers too! It makes me want to try my hand at something similar.
That's just such an awesome, epic interconnected cover... Never skimping on the action in your covers!
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This is so f'ing awesome!
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This is made of amazing.
wordmongerer's avatar
AMAZING! Love that they all have the classic G1 look. Stellar work Marcelo!
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