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How to Draw: TF Prime cover

Just saw this cover online, so I think there's no problem to show it here.

This is the cover for How to Draw: Transformers Prime book. Really had fun working on it! All digital, pencils and inks done in Painter X and colors on PS Cs3.



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DamianAnothertale's avatar
They were looking each other with hostility before it was cool
TheREALTwilightSpark's avatar
*mind blown*

I seriously need to get this book. Like now. Seriously, how do you draw car-robots that actually look like cars and robots and are vaguely humanoid? Cause I sure as hell can't.
TDManiacXC626's avatar
As much as I love the Touch, how about this tune to go with this picture and moment?
Maximiser16's avatar
Why did this book not have Knock Out in it?! It had every Transformers Prime characters at the time, even the Vehicon, but not Knock Out.
0717zack's avatar
It really nice bro !
Gearshifter09's avatar
can I use this image for a music video I'll be posting on Youtube?
Fandomcraziness1's avatar
I so need to learn how to draw jack and arcee
LadyIronhide's avatar
Jack isn't in it :(
toa-rpg14's avatar
frigging badass
Leona-Heart's avatar
Wait! Your the author of this book?
victortky's avatar
I bought my copy...if only you can autograph it...
GalactimusPrime's avatar
I ordered this book back in Feb. & Amazon screwed me over!!!!
KnockoutValentine's avatar
I has dis book on its AWESOME!
Scringeheart505's avatar
I MUST OWN THIS BOOK. And now I must search for it....
transformersrules's avatar
I have this book and it's awesome!! ;)
angelus2402004's avatar
how did you get it. doesn't it come out sometime in march?
transformersrules's avatar
I really don't remember I think I got it from my school book order
CybertronianAllstar's avatar
I have this book sitting on my desk! Didn't know it was your art. Great stuffs!! ;)
SteelBlastAreya's avatar
:iconiwantitplz: OMGS I WANT IT SO BADLEY!!!!!!
BunZleFlufF's avatar
yeay i got the boook to :yeay:
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