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Looney Tunes Characters Humanized

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I like how Sylvester's dressed.

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Am I the only 1 who thinks tax Looks like Yosemite Sam?

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that why pepe's future ancestors & future ascendants & descendants are human skunk! in loonatics unleashed!

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Wow! Amazing work :)

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The golden medal is for Taz and Wyle.
Silver medal for Pepè,Speedy and Daffy ( why is he black?).
Bronze medal for Foghorn, Sylvester, Bugs and Porky
At the last place there is Road Runner, Tweety and Lola.

There is something weird with the proportions of heads
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yeah, i tried to keep the shape of their heads and it's not always ended well :D
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Those Look So Spot On! My Faves Are Bugs,Daffy And Taz.

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Thank you. I glad you like it.
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Can you do the other Looney heroine, Tina Duck?
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They look wacky as humans!
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I guess Yosemite Sam would be animalized into a weasel.
Taz looks alot like he could be Sam's cousin.
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Your instincts on each one are totally on point. What I like most is how you didn't overdo it. I can fully imagine your re-imaginings appearing in a cartoon. ^!^
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OMGOSH, this is AMAZING!!!!
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I like it but Taz looks almost exactly like Yosemite Sam, haha
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Lovely humanization
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Lola's my favorite, and you drew her perfectly.
The-Albino-Axolotl's avatar
Exactly how I picture Speedy being.
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These look AMAZING!
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Can you include Tina Russo Duck?
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Superb work on this art. The LTs' human counterparts look great.
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