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Dang, we almost got a tutorial in steel tube bending. If this comic was set in 2020, Mars would totally have a garage vlog channel on Youtube.
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You mean taking a bath in the ultrasonic cleaner isn't a good idea? (If that's an ultrasonic cleaner...I dropped in randomly to see what the latest post was.)

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Okay, I'm back following this from what...2012? Don't go disappearing now! LOL

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Welcome back! I'm glad to see long-time readers sticking around! This won't be going anywhere. There's been a lot going on IRL, but I plan on keeping this moving even if updates are slow. I've got plenty planned for the comic!

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Yeah, I'm seeing Gear-head codependency here: Francis has wife and kid waiting and he's still not moving for the door.

"Welcome to the cycle-shop California...."

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Haha, that's a good point. Although I wonder if Francis is only into gearheady stuff because Marcello is.

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Nah, you know better.

The smell of old grease, soft sheen of fluorescent light off of a cleaned carburetor body, cold chill of cracked cement floors and uninsulated walls...and gearheads will start combing their blackbook of excuses rather than retreat to the comfort of a warm home; its in their 10-40W blood.

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