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Rupelli, page 40

What I always pictured when someone said they blew a head gasket in a metaphorical sense.

Had a bit of trouble getting this page started but know things should move along nicer for a while. Quack.
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Ahaha!, this is the most creative variation in a "light-bulb moment" I've seen in decades!  People talk about being Gear-heads and having a Big-block for a brain, but this is the first cut-away I've seen of such a brain in action.  Made my day.
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Haha, thanks! I’m glad it worked. This one took me a while to get dialed in.
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Sometimes you need to talk to a rubber duck to solve your problems. Programmers do it way more than you would think.


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I think that's where I got the idea for him to talk to it. Wasn't why the ducky was there in the first place, but it worked out well.