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Rupelli, page 36

Don't worry, the car's just fiiiiine... 

Sorry this page took a little longer than usual, hopefully it's worth it. I've got lots of ideas about where to go next so it should be fun. And yes, I'm writing this more or less on the fly.
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He's gotten really lucky to survive there from that mechanical failure. Nice way you've done the comic including to add the pedal shot. 

So he drives without shoes?
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Only the real pros train in 'perpendicular' parking; LOL.
The page is awesome, and the whole action-slide sequence is a thing of beauty. Well done.
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That might take a bit more than a push to get that out... However, it could be worse!
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This reminds me of the time my sister called me to help get her car out of a "ditch" along the side of the road that she had slid into late at night.  It was out in the middle of no where (in a national forest) and the "ditch" turned out to be a 20 foot (6 meters) deep 1:1 embankment, and her car was halfway down snagged on and tangled up in the guy-wires of a power line.  But she didn't tell anyone any of that until we got there.  Me: "Yea, sorry sis. I don't think I can pull you out of that.  Now let's work on your definition of a "ditch" while we wait on a tow truck."
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lol putting quarters into the meter
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Lol. A little extra joke there. A two for one deal!

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