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Fried Egg Painting

Painting video:…

Oil and acrylic on canvas 100X70
it took me 26 hours
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No way! so realist. Omg u r super talented!

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Iperealismo portato all'ennesima potenza; bravissimo. :clap:

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Just what I needed tonight. Thanks.

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Fell in love with this when I first seen it. Are you selling this as a print?
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WoW !! how can it s possible ?
This is fantastic! One day I would love something like this in my breakfast nook.
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I find this level of realism scary - you must be a warlock!
That's so rad. Nice work!
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I.... I thought you were putting your paintbrush in an egg.... This is extremely realistic!!
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idk what is real anymore... it tooooo real!! 

a biiiiiiiiig chicken layed that egg <3
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Wow! This looks truly awsome. I have seen the work of Tjalf Sparnaay, who also does hyper realism, and I think he's truly amazing. I wish I had just an ounce of his talent. But you are a master at this. The fried egg looks so real, you could eat from the canvas. Marvellous. I'm a fan and will be watching your gallery for more great artworks!
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No, beh!!!
Sei troppo bravo!!!
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You should include a painting hand in one of your paintings. I wonder if we will figure out it's not a real one.
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I´m very happy that apart from naked feet and other fetish shit there are still some real artists out there. :) Absolutely stunning picture! <3
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Welp, I am scrambled by this. 
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