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September 30, 2015
Apple PAINTING on canvas by Marcello Barenghi by marcellobarenghi is an incredible still life painting that really pops up from the canvas. Be sure the check out the artist's gallery to see more mind-blowing hyper-realistic paintings!
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Apple PAINTING on canvas by Marcello Barenghi

I recently painted some pictures LIVE on YouTube.
Here's a time lapse of my Apple Still Life painting:


➜ MY TOOLS: oil and acrylic paint, brushes, canvas 70x100 cm

For the curious ones, with a lot of patience, there are also the original live streaming videos:
1st  day ➜
2nd day ➜
3rd  day ➜

➜ THIS PAINTING TOOK ME: nearly 13 hours
1st  day: 4 hours and 12 minutes
2nd day: 4 hours and 10 minutes
3rd  day: 4 hours and 34 minutes
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NostalgiaPony's avatar

oh my gosh dat Apple.

Electric-Raichu's avatar
wow, the hand looks even more realistic than the apple.
rustyfocus's avatar
thats amazing DAMN ;O
Niaarts459's avatar
OMG this is looks so awesome!!!
w-h-i-s-p-a's avatar
Oh wow, this is amazing!!!
It's soooooooooo realistic, and looks just like a real apple.
mit996854's avatar
You should've called this one "New York"......get it?
Dravdark's avatar
Thats pretty cool man, I just started learning to paint myself and I thought my orange was looking good but holy damn your apple looks awesome and big enough to feed effin china, very well done friend!!!!
cascarin's avatar
Beautiful. Sorry, ¿What brushes is you use?
LadyTau's avatar
Eif-ka's avatar
waaa amazing :D
lennonkaa's avatar
Wow, can I eat it? It looks very reality. Beautiful works
Kyeronn's avatar
Oh my god I thought this was a photo of the apple than I went to view the picture properly and I was like no why it's a painting
N00b122's avatar
I thought it was just a picture of an apple at first and I was like, "why'd someone take a picture of an apple," anyways, great job this looks amazing
imaginareus's avatar
My friend cannot believe it's a painting. :D (She means it as compliment but shhh)
poca2hontas's avatar
Gosh this is incredible, well done on DD
Khemixtry's avatar
Holy Hell that is amazing :O
BlazingDragonLord's avatar
This is truly an amazing piece of art, keep it up :D
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