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Cartoon Network City Crossover Ch 4I do not own KND, Ed, Edd & Eddy, MLP, Batman vs Dracula, JJBA, Adventure time, and all the Cartoon Network shows including all the Toonami shows.Chapter Four: Dracula's meetingIn the hallways of the school Dracula with his friends."What am I going to do guys. Jade is expecting me to meet her and her friends." Dracula replied as Kars, Sombra and Naraku."Drac, try to be friendly to them." Kars answered."I don't know I can do this." Dracula replied."Drac calm down. Everything will be fine. You just need to control your temper. That is all." Kars replied."Thanks Kars for the advise" Dracula replied."Oh your cousin is coming." Sombra replied as they see Dracula's cousin named Marceline approaches to Dracula."Hey Dracula." Marceline replied."Oh hey Marceline. How is it going?" Dracula asked."I heard that you're starting to like the new girl." Marceline replied."Well I actually saved her from getting harassed by the Kankers." Dracula answered."So what did you do to them?" Sombra asked."Oh I actually turn myself into a wolf which they got scared immediately that they ran away from the gym." Dracula replied."Wow that's amazing that you did that towards her. So what is her name?" Marceline asked."Her name is Jade. I saw her getting out of the gym but blocked by the Kankers so I stepped in." Dracula answered."By the way you're going to meet her friends?" Naraku asked."Actually yes. I'm supposed to meet her during lunch after 4th period class is over." Dracula answered."So which class do you have with Jade?" Sombra asked."Well I have her at Science, Gym, and Art." Dracula answered as Kevin, and his friends saw him with his cousin."Oh look who's here you guys. It's the Emo." Kevin teased as Sarah, Nazz, Johnny, Jimmy, and Rolf at him."What the hell do you want?" Dracula asked."Oh that you're starting to like the dorkling who is with the dorks, and the dweebs." Kevin teased."It's none of your damn business. Stay out of it!" Dracula shouted."Dracula and Jade sitting in the tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G." Sarah and Jimmy sang as Dracula grabs Kevin which made him pissed."Kevin. Go before I will tear out your heart and your friends will be next after this." Dracula threatened as Kevin got scared of him which steps back."Yeah okay we'll leave." Kevin replied as he and his friends left immediately."Wow that was scary that you do that." Naraku replied."That's what they get for pissing me off." Dracula replied as the school bell rang."Well we better get to class. You guys find me after meeting Jade's friends." Dracula replied."See you later." Kars replied as he and others went to their first period class.Around Lunch Dracula was getting to go to the cafeteria to meet Jade. He exits out of the lockeroom and sees Jade waiting in the hallway."There you are." Dracula replied as Jade sees him."So shall we?" Jade asked."Alright. Let's head to the cafeteria." Dracula answered as they headed to the cafeteria which everyone sees the two coming in. Which they began to whisper at them."Drac. They're talking about us." Jade replied."Don't worry Jade. Just ignore them." Dracula replied as they got lunch and headed to their table."So this is him?" Eddy asked "This is Dracula, he helped me yesterday from getting picked by the Kankers." Jade replied as Dracula smiles at him."Well nice to meet you. Dracula." Edd replied."Vlad Dracula but you can call me Drac." Dracula replied."I'm Twilight Sparkle and these are my friends." Twilight replied."Well nice to see you. Can I sit next to Jade?" Dracula asked."I guess so." Edd answered as Dracula and Jade sat down on the table."So you scared the Kankers away with you're saving Jade?" Twilight asked."Yes I did. I actually found her in the gym after 4th period which I attended too." Dracula answered as Marceline, Kars and his two friends found him."So this Jade and her friends." Kars replied as Jade and her friends see them."These are my friends Kars, Naraku, Sombra and my cousin Marceline." Dracula replied as Jade and her friends greeted Dracula's cousin and friends."Very nice meet you guys too." Numbuh 1 replied as they began talking until the lunch bell rang."I guess lunch is over. We'll better heading to class." Jade replied as Jade, Dracula and others headed to their fifth period class.After school ended Jade, and her friends headed out of school. Which Flampe and her friends blocks them."Look at that girls, Jade is not with her vampire friend but has the nerd and the other losers." Flampe teased as Twilight got mad at them. "For your information. Flampe. You're being rude to all of us. Which in insulting." Rainbow Dash replied."Buzz off Flampe. We don't want to bother you." Rukia added."Oh I wasn't to bother you. Me and the girls want to pick on your new friend that you made." Flampe replied."You want to pick on Jade." Numbuh 5 replied."Yes. Now over Jade to us or else." Lee threatened."No." Twilight answered."What." Flampe replied."I said no." Twilight replied."Take it back right now!" Flampe shouted."We're not going to hand Jade over you. You had bullied me and others in the past but you never pick on Jade because she's our friend. Leave now or else." Twilight Sparkle replied as Flampe and her friends walked away from Twilight and others."Twilight. I never seen you stood up yourself towards her." Jade replied."Oh her. That is Flampe leader of the popular girls. She is awful and leader of the populars. She'll pick on anyone who is new into the school kinda of example which is you Jade." Twilight answered."But why does she and her friends want to pick on me?" Jade asked."Well I don't say this. Flampe like to pick on you because you're in this school and she likes to pick on new kids as her victims." Twilight replied as Dracula and his friends approaches to her."What happened?" Dracula asked."Flampe, and her friends want us to hand over Jade but I told no which she got mad." Twilight answered."So Twilight should I walk with Jade since I'm going to meet her family?" Dracula asked."I guess so but do not try to bite Jade." Twilight replied."I will not bite her and drain her blood." Dracula replied."Good if you ever put any marks on her. You're going end up dead." Numbuh 1 threatened."Marceline. Can you tell my parents that I'm visiting Jade." Dracula replied."I will do that. I'll see you when you come home." Marceline replied as Dracula leaves with Jade.



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