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- simple armor Tutorial

I did everything in only two layers
layer 1 - sketch / layer 2 - colors
1 - sketch
2- base colors
3- blur (slightly)
merge layers for this step
4 and 5 - details (light)
6- more lights
7- details
8 to 12 - lights and shadows to give depth
13 - final color
layer 1 - the armor black and white
layer 2 - color (overlay mode or lumi and shade )
this last step you can put the base color in overlay mode/lumi and shade,then you merge the layers and then you can put some details with other colors
14 (optional) - after these steps ,new layer ->Luminosity : you can brush (slightly) over the armor with this configuration:
brush -> fuzystatic 46 % /dirt 1 - 100%
density 31%
edge hardness  12%
min density 8%


I hope this helps :))
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Thank you so much
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what did you use in step 4 to smooth out the color?
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There is a ''blur'' brush in Paint Tool Sai so I've used it slightly (The brush icon is a brush with a drop beside it)
I hope it helps you :)
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dam... this was very useful o_o
thanks so much~
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