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Hey fellow watchers and friends. I usually feel bad when I write here as I don't have any new personal work done since ages (well, not really but I feel like it) and despite the great year I've had on my personal life, my career and my artistic endeavors seem so blurry and distant from me now.

The awful part of this is it was not my decision or my lack of interest what led me to this point of hopelessness.
My HD broke some weeks ago, and doesn't matter how long or where I take it to fix it, there's always bad news about recovering any file. I can't even remember all the files I lost there, and commissions that were almost done gone forever, designs for my site, original psd's, photos I loved and never published, I just don't want to think about it anymore… So, I just isolated myself in my room and just used my computer to watch movies while I started to make some masks which I kept updated on my twitter  saving my computer and all my things to be destroyed on a silly tantrum. But life keeps going and so do I, right now I'm starting from zero with a deep sigh all I've lost.

I hope I can come back with something I'd be proud of, the sooner the better but I doubt it, I'm devastated, and haven't face it until now.  I'm still waiting for another place to get anything recovered, but I'm done with it. I'll be away lurking and commenting, but if you want to keep updated on any stupid thing I do please add me here

Wish you luck to all of you :)

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crisisnyc's avatar
Sorry to hear that your HD has problems, I've always loved your art & hope you start working on art again someday. Hopefully you can find someone that can recover your files. There are programs online that you can download that will help you recover files, [link] .
Dawnaie's avatar
I'm really sorry :(, same thing happened to me last summer
but like you said life goes on
Child-of-Nifelheim's avatar
That's so sad. I'm always panicking about my files having owned some crazy PCs, so I try to keep them in different places or in hard copy. But documents are easier to store than high definition images. I hope you can get them back soon.
tsheva's avatar
I lost my writing years ago due to a faulty HD. I usually print out everything but some things I forgot to print and so there they go, lost somewhere out there in the world wide web. I feel your pain :hug:
Rz00's avatar
Generalmente no escribo comentarios pero me pareció una historia muy triste, creo que nos ha pasado a muchos, solo recuerda que el artista siempre será mas importante que la obra misma : )

Mientras no pierdas tus herramientas, tu inspiración y las ganas de crear, no habrás perdido mucho. Espero te recuperes pronto :aww:
Whispers-of-Wind's avatar
I'm so sorry to hear this, Marcella :hug:

I've been through what you contend with at the moment.. So I understand how you feel. I even lost the entire data in my corrupted/damaged HD for 3 times, some of the images I can never even found anywhere on the internet because it was only permanently kept in my HD (and I miss those certain images too!)and I've learned very hard how important it is to backup data and promise myself I will always take care of HD.

Just remember and believe this Marcela:

To lose something is to gain something new and better...

So cheer up! And never look back to regret but look back and reflect! :)
MarcelaBolivar's avatar
thank you for those words, I'm sorry it happened to you too :(
I'm cheering up slowly now :p
brianson's avatar
I had everything backed up on a external hard-drive, which I dropped one day and lost EVERYTHING. All my photos, working files (all my cd artwork), artwork pieces--best stuff I've made. It's hard to get back into it--but it definitely encourages change and reinvention. ;)
MarcelaBolivar's avatar
you're absolutely right on that last sentence :)
Aegis-Illustration's avatar
Jodeeeeerrrrr tíaaaa :( Entiendo como te tienes que estar sintiendo, a mí me ha pasado tres veces y es una MIERDA. Prf, no creo que pueda decir nada que te reconforte, así que un abrazo gigante y mucho ánimo!! :hug:
SylwiaS's avatar
I have the same problem some times ago. I lost all my works and I cry like a baby, but I stand up and treat it like a bad lesson. I hope you back with new amazing works because you are one for my favourite artist here on deviantART :)
MarcelaBolivar's avatar
yeah, I'll definitely take it as a lesson. I'm always coming back :)
morgu3's avatar
Marcela, I thought I'd lost all of my files once and I can understand what you feel now, but what I had in mind was only to start again and do better works. Then I find a way to recover them and it was ok.. But if there's nothing to do.. don't surrender okay?
ansor13's avatar
Cuanto lo siento, me ha pasado lo mismo y de solo acordarme me da dolor de estomago :(. Saludos
ashgrey13's avatar
Sorry to hear about your HD problems.... that's happened to me too... I look forward to whenever you do post something new. Good luck.
Anacorreal's avatar
Noo lo siento muchísimo! Todo el esfuero, de repente desaparece así nada más. Q jartera q te repitan y te repitan esto, pero seh, hacer backups a cada nada es necesario. Toma tiempo y espacio físico, pero puede salvar muchos dolores de cabeza. A mi también me pasó una vez, la mayoría eran cosas q daban tristeza pero no era algo dramático. Lo que sí hace q casi me muera fueron como 4 imágenes digitales q perdí completamente. Lo que hice fue mandarle un mensaje a Prints de DA a explicarles mi situación y pedirles encarecidamente el favor de que me mandaran una copia del archivo jpg, y muy amablemente me repondieron de inmediato recomendándome que no lo volviera a hacer (jeje). No sé si puedas contactar a uno de los sitios de impresión en donde tenías/tienes disponibles tus trabajos. Algo es algo.
La verdad lo siento mucho. Pero como decía otra persona acá mismo, puede ser el comienzo de algo totalmente nuevo y diferente. Hasta puedas reinventarte. A veces estas cosas pasan por una razón, y al final de cuentas, uno tiene que sacar lo mejor de las situaciones, así suene trillado. Igual sabes q eres una dura, y eso nunca lo perderás. Cuando sientas que es el momento indicado, saldrás con tus nuevas obras y dominarás el mundo (y nosotros los simples mortales nos quedaremos en deviantart jajaja). Animo, ánimo que eres joven y tienes muchos muchos años por delante.
MarcelaBolivar's avatar
qué bonita gracias por preocuparte, de verdad es algo que duele mucho, pero empezar de cero es en cierta forma liberador :)
Skul3r's avatar
uh!, a mi me ha pasado esto tantas veces que podria contar una para cada ocacion xD recuerdo una vez que esta frente al pc diseñando algo nuevo, justo cuando estaba a punto de terminar de manera extraña el Photoshop se atoro y se cerro y oh sorpresa no habia guardado el .PSD ¬¬ mas que entristecerme me enfuresi y casi arrojo el PC por la ventana jajaja, pero si hay algo que aprendi es que enojarte, entristeserte, deprimirte y rendirte no solucionara nada simplemente es perdida de tiempo sentirte de esa manera, no te deprimas algo como eso no debe detenerte al contrario debe motivarte a seguir, "lo que no te mata, te hace mas fuerte" ;)
Salu2 y espero que no te rindas y todo salga bien :p
MarcelaBolivar's avatar
ya pasé por todas las etapas, ahora no sólo resignada sino que ya decidida a empezar de cero :)
ang3ll's avatar
I have an informatics friend that is quite good in bringing hopeless stuff back to life. Which means recovering data, in your case.
The only problem is, he lives in Portugal. I can give you his contact if you're interested, if everything else fails.
MarcelaBolivar's avatar
that's very kind of you. I'm still waiting for some news on my HD, I'll keep you updated.
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