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Mama Wolf (Werewolf TF)
    Diana’s eyes suddenly shot open. She sat up in bed, quickly turning her head to glance at her bedside clock. 11:30. It had been half an hour since she had turned in for the night, and yet she still couldn’t get to sleep. It was really unusual, too; she had never had trouble sleeping in the past, yet all of a sudden here she was, barely able to even keep her eyes closed. She’d been feeling really itchy lately, too, and she couldn’t help lifting her hand to scratch at her face for a bit. Her mind was racing, her face was itchy, her body was full of energy… why was she like this? What was happening to her?
    “Still awake, huh?” Turning over next to her was her husband, John. He sat up as well, putting his arm around her. “Can’t get to sleep?”
    Diana nodded. “I… don’t understand it,” she said. “I don’t even feel tired… in fact, I feel l
:iconrobertdayson:RobertDayson 153 25
Two Howls (Werewolf Transformation)
"C'mon Molly, you know everyone will be there, can't you go to a party just once?"
Molly's best friend looked at her with pleading eyes.
"Not a chance" Molly said, looking back to her computer "You know I have the report due monday, I can't go to your stupid party." Jenna sighed.
"That stupid report isn't due for two days, and, it's Halloween." Jenna folded her arms. "Why don't you want to go to a party with your best friend? What's going on?" Jenna looked genuinely concerned, she wanted her friend to get out more, but lately she was...aloof, removed, something wasn't right.
"Jenna, just, go without me, ok? I can survive not going to a party, just, leave me alone." Jenna recoiled as if she had been struck. Her friend never acted like this. She had to do something, it didn't sound like Molly was worried about something...else.
A devilish smile flashed across Jenna's face. She yanked the cord of her friend's computer from the wall, smiling as the screen went dark, erasing hours of hard w
:iconawulfnamedloki:AWulfNamedLoki 182 45
Elements -- Chapter 3
Written by Nitrinoxus, Jonas Belford and Throne Zwei
Edited and Formatted by Nitrinoxus
Chapter 3
Luke was confused when he awoke. Being splattered on the ground had that effect on people. The water elemental bubbled and gathered himself together. Still a little woozy, he bounced over to the house and squeezed through the underside of the door.
"Err, morning?" he squeaked tentatively. He was relieved to see the fiery Victor still in one piece (metaphorically).
"Mrph... good morning. Good to see you well..."
The blob wiggled. "Eh, well enough. Was nice being a cloud but I'm back to normal water now. Not too bad. Good to see you're not doused."
"We have your quick thinking to thank for that," Alec commented, hopping down from his windowsill perch.
The fire elemental chuckled and got to his feet. "Makes two of us. It's kinda funny... getting shot probably wouldn't bother me, but water? Yeesh... and yea. You probably saved my life."
"Aheh..." Luke fizzed, "you're making me blush."
:iconnitrinoxus:Nitrinoxus 5 4
Elements -- Chapter 2
Written by Nitrinoxus, Jonas Belford and Throne Zwei
Edited and Formatted by Nitrinoxus
Chapter 2
On the morning of the trio's first check-in, sunlight filtered through the gap serving as a window in the stone hut erected in the valley. The only structure in the area had been the result of Victor's experimentation with his power and was formed of a single large boulder they'd rolled in from the valley edge. Nestled in the corner of the hut was a mass of blankets, inside which a small azure orb stirred. Luke had more difficulty assuming a consistent form than Victor or Alec, so his usual shape over the week had been some variant of 'blob with limb'. He had been persistent in his desire to find a way to use his bedding—though his surface tension did not feel the same way skin did, Luke still wanted at least some trapping of civilization.
The water elemental stirred but did not leave his bed. Instead he snuggled up against his nest--as much trying to sleep in as to reabsorb all t
:iconnitrinoxus:Nitrinoxus 5 4
Elements -- Chapter 1
Written by Nitrinoxus, Jonas Belford and Throne Zwei
Edited and Formatted by Nitrinoxus
Chapter 1
The sun shone pleasantly down upon the rocky slopes around the city of Golden, a gentle breeze stirring the crisp mountain air; birds chirped happily amongst the branches of the trees lining the town's streets and sidewalks, people milling about whilst chatting, laughing, and occasionally coughing at the pronounced odor of hops drifting from the nearby brewery. On such a fine day as this, it would be a wonder that anyone would still be inside of their own volition, but Alec's reasons for spending such a day hastily cramming item after item into his suitcase were plenty to keep him from relaxing.
A few kilometers away, Luke anxiously fidgeted in his seat as the bus slowly made its way through highway traffic. The amber-haired Canadian rested against one of his two large bags which shared the seat and watched a pack of drakes circle a field out the window. Luke loved drakes. And gry
:iconnitrinoxus:Nitrinoxus 7 3
Slime Tf by Smut-Demon
Mature content
Slime Tf :iconsmut-demon:Smut-Demon 45 2
Making The Most of Noir: Playing With Your Food by ppodd
Mature content
Making The Most of Noir: Playing With Your Food :iconppodd:ppodd 15 0
Blende 2 by mrboing66
Mature content
Blende 2 :iconmrboing66:mrboing66 567 23
Mature content
Liquid Metal Lust, Part 10 :iconminor-alterations:minor-alterations 17 6
Mature content
Lost [M/F to Werewolves] :iconderstiffi:DerStiffi 3 2
Zentai Wears You by rubberbando
Mature content
Zentai Wears You :iconrubberbando:rubberbando 32 1
Zentai Goo Portals (REPOST) by rubberbando Zentai Goo Portals (REPOST) :iconrubberbando:rubberbando 11 0
To Be a Tree (A Fox Serum Story)
by grapehyacinth
After accidentally ingesting transformation serum and becoming a puppy, then having a harrowing experience as a lion, Tonya Grant had decided her next encounter with Fox Serum would be a safe, calming one. She'd wanted to be a houseplant for a week, but Lisa, her mother, encouraged her to try the tree-for-a-day serum. In case she didn't enjoy it, she wouldn't be forced to remain in a flowerpot for a week, and the tree serum was also twenty-percent off for the next few days.
So there Tonya stood, auburn hair blazing in the Friday morning sun. Her mother was filling up a watering can with the hose, while her father dug a hole right in the middle of his prized lawn.
“Hurry up before the neighbors see,” uttered Lisa, walking over and plunking the watering can down by the hole.
Tonya's younger brother Charlie came running from the house. “Yeah, we don't want crazy Mrs. Markle freaking out as you turn into a tree-monster.”
“Dad, g
:icongrapehyacinth:grapehyacinth 101 42
Lions and Chimps and Bears...
A Fox Serum Story by grapehyacinth
“Happy Birthday to you!” everyone cried, and a birthday cake was set down in front of eighteen-year-old Tonya Grant. She blew out the candles, the cake was taken away to be cut, and her mother placed a plain paper bag before her.
“There it is!” Tonya squeaked, opening up the bag and drawing out a glass vial.
“Happy Legal-to-use-Fox-Serum day!” smiled her father.
From behind the circle of teens, her friend Miriam yelled, “What kind of animal is it for, Tonya?” Miriam, with her auburn hair, was often mistaken as being Tonya's sister. Tonya and her mother Lisa had a very similar shade, albeit with greenish eyes instead of Miriam's hazel.
“Lion, I hope?” Tonya twisted the vial in her hands to see the sticker, which read “Lion Transformation Serum: caution, not for users under age eighteen”.
It was just what she wanted! She began to laugh, almost in relief. This would
:icongrapehyacinth:grapehyacinth 47 12
BubbleGum Ooze (ANIMATION) (REPOST) by rubberbando BubbleGum Ooze (ANIMATION) (REPOST) :iconrubberbando:rubberbando 36 2 Slimepuddles (REPOST) by rubberbando Slimepuddles (REPOST) :iconrubberbando:rubberbando 28 0


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