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Pest Control
Pest Control
By: Lyrissa
  “No no no, they were here. I know they were here!” the young redheaded woman yelped desperately as she rummaged through the chest. “I can’t have forgotten to pack them...”
  She dropped several bundled objects on the floor of the wagon as she frantically searched through the chest, but as she lifted the final cloth-wrapped object out only the empty bottom of the chest stared up at her. She bit her lip and felt panic well up inside her as she searched through all the assorted bags and bundles again, despite knowing deep down that what she searched for just wasn’t there.
  “No! I knew I put it in here!” she said in frustration, punching the lid of the chest with one small fist.
  “Gillian? Where are those candles, girl?” said a deep male voice from behind her.
  The young woman spun around to stare up at the well-build outline of her master, caravan leader Angus Brierson. Despi
:iconlyrissa-greenleaf:Lyrissa-Greenleaf 22 2
Mature content
Dottie :iconsteveabc:steveabc 20 7
Demonica, Part 4
The lavender haired demon snapped her fingers and Ruby began to feel chilly. A cold breeze of wind whistled over her bare shoulders. On eye level she saw the western city‘s lights in all its nocturnal glory. Demonica had wished them on the roof of the club. 
“Los Angeles,“ Ruby recognized. “Is this your usual hunting ground?“ 
“If you mean fun park, yes, among others. I just work here. And by work I mean sunbathing, celebrating, shopping and snapping photos for my own photoshoots from time to time to keep my wallet filled. What can I say, everyone can see that I‘m not cheap.“ 
Ruby caught herself envying that sort of lifestyle. But a life without a big goal nor many challenges also appeared tiring to her. Further thinking about it, wasting away like that day after day sounded more boring than working off the stacks of paperwork on her desk which she either had to sort or copy all afternoon long. Because what duty would she
:iconminor-alterations:minor-alterations 14 4
Demonica, Part 3
The purring of the treadmill had become hypnotic after an hour. Ruby had already crossed the line of exhaustion. Now her legs had switched into automatic mode without her having to think much about how drained she actually was. The runner‘s high almost pushed the mysterious shapeshifting woman out of the centre of her mind, yet like those many, many times before, she stuck there like a leech. 
Three months without a sign from Demonica. Three months of waiting for a nocturnal visit. Three months of private investigation and even more paperwork than before. She had been promoted the same week Leland Santiago had went into prison. If it could be even called a promotion. A raise and a new desk to write reports on were the only rewards which came with it. That and that she was free on Saturdays. The last time she had free on a Saturday evening must have been back in high school. Ruby felt a little embarrassed to spend her free weekends in a shabby gym when she could just as well
:iconminor-alterations:minor-alterations 20 2
Monstertober 25 - Shadow by Sheepy-Drackzahn
Mature content
Monstertober 25 - Shadow :iconsheepy-drackzahn:Sheepy-Drackzahn 31 20
Monstertober 17 - Witchy-Goo by Sheepy-Drackzahn
Mature content
Monstertober 17 - Witchy-Goo :iconsheepy-drackzahn:Sheepy-Drackzahn 32 16
Briney Logs 1
13th March 2016
So I had to get a new journal. Stupid Betty threw the last one, the one I’ve been keeping since we left home, into the sea. I chucked her in to get it. Da grounded me for three weeks. As if she’d drown, she’s practically got gills! She can swim better than most of the adults back home, but no, just because she’s a tearful brat I have to do all her chores! Good thing is she’s too scared to tease me about it, she’ll think twice before she annoys me now.
Anyways, guess I’d better introduce myself, context and everything. I’m Kai Finnegan, I’m seventeen years old and I hate taking long walks on the beach. Seriously, I live on a rotten boat, when we make land there’s better things to do than spend my time at the seaside. And yeah, me and my family live on a boat now, a big yacht that was old before I was born, thanks to Mum. Long story. So just now it’s Mum and Da, me, and my little blisters Charlotte a
:iconreel123:Reel123 12 55
Monstertober 8 - Dark Matter by Sheepy-Drackzahn
Mature content
Monstertober 8 - Dark Matter :iconsheepy-drackzahn:Sheepy-Drackzahn 41 35
Wolf Conservation
By grapehyacinth

“Hi, I'm Grace Charnow. Are you Ann?”
The woman's face looked weathered but kindly as it creased into a smile. “Yes. Welcome to the Wolf Conservatory. I understand you'd like to interview us for your college newspaper?”
Grace cleared her throat. She was nervous as this was her first assignment. The older students had pawned this unwanted story off on her because it was somewhat controversial. One of the biggest donors to the school, Mayor Landis, was fighting to have the center closed. He felt it did no good and it was a waste of tax dollars. Many of the students were fighting this looming decision, and it was up to Grace to report on the center itself.
The Wolf Conservatory was rumored to be run by a bunch of ex-hippies who were probably into drugs as well, but the woman before Grace was nothing like she had expected. She might have been a hippie in her former life, but she was neatly dressed and appeared quite happy that Grace w
:icongrapehyacinth:grapehyacinth 97 68
Mature content
To Be Or Not To Be ( A Vampire) :iconsteveabc:steveabc 13 0
Mature content
Be Happy With What You've Got :iconsteveabc:steveabc 17 2
Mature content
Never Mess with Lizzie (Alien TF) :iconrosewood-witch:rosewood-witch 6 0
Mature content
Into the Night [Displacer Beast TF] - Part 4 :icontfghostwriter:TFGhostWriter 13 4
Into the Night [Displacer Beast TF] - Part 3
With the werewolves no longer on her tail and a direct path to the small manor Thoman’s family called home, it took Tana no time at all to make the journey. Thoman’s claim of their bodies not having the same level of stamina over distance was certainly thrown into doubt in her minds, but he had lived his entire life as a nightwalker, so there probably was some validity to it. Regardless, Tana was panicking.
After throwing her headfirst into this strange world of the night, Thoman had got himself caught in an effort to enable her escape. Had they killed him? Taken him hostage? His final words to her still rang through her mind.
Tell my dad what happened!
As she bounded between the rooftops, her minds strained to decipher what he meant, but nothing came. The only possibility was that he was a mage—but nightwalkers were fundamentally immune to a mage’s magic. The same power that a mage projected outwards was what fueled her current inhuman strength and stami
:icontfghostwriter:TFGhostWriter 12 9
Making the Most of Noir - Brain Drain by ppodd
Mature content
Making the Most of Noir - Brain Drain :iconppodd:ppodd 11 0
Commission DC-omnitrix by toongrowner Commission DC-omnitrix :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 138 21


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