New Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Touch!

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Hi guys! I just got this monster in the mail recently and did an unboxing video in case you're curious! Full video review coming soon!

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I would feel uncomfortable knowing the tool i use on my computer the most is the size of a monitor and it also costs 2000+ dollars.

What if it breaks... holy shit thats a lot of money.
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Hell man! How much is for this monster in your country? ;^;
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It looks like a t.v..
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That thing is huge.
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Ohmy. This is incredible! Can't wait for a review, even only looking at this is fun haha <3
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Good for you! :) Congrats!
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Impressive! Slim, simple and sexy. And those remote buttons on magnets is just best idea ever.
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I can't wait for the full review!!!
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awww congrats u must feel like a new dad !
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may I have a link to video? T___T dA doesn't like me, videos never show up.
found your youtube, but still dA doesn't like me T-T
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Thats so friking sexy
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Thats top of the line stuff...

Draw on your Screen...
Tilting abilities...
2048 pressure registrations...

But above all else, Expensive as F*ck. I swear I saw it was two or Three thousand on the wacom website...
You definitely deserve it man. Your art could go places with it.

I want one, But I don't deserve one.
I don't even have a Simple intuos Pad, Just a MOUSE.
Why should I get that kind of gear?
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So friggin jealous. Cry forever 
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*heavy breathing* Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant so badly T_______T
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Thank you for this unboxing video!
Do you plan to make a video that shows how it actually works? I would love to see it.
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yep! full review coming soon
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So jealous. Looks awesome. One day i want a cintiq too. i really like the companion. Wich is like a intous with a touchscreen. Bud dont know how well it works with high resolution work.
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Really cool! I want one so bad OuO
I hope you'll test an Ergotron (or other) arm because I haven't found reviews about that, supposedly the 27QHD is too heavy for it. I can't wait for your full review :heart:
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Thats my actual setup, works perfect. The tablet is actually quite light at only around 26lb so the ergotron has no problem holding it.
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Awesome! Thanks for the info :>
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It works perfectly with the ergotron arm, here´s my review about it, along with some Wacom -hacks/workarounds, hope it is useful:…

cheers ;)
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Those were very interesting hacks :> I wonder, doesn't the glass weigh the tablet down and feel too slick? I heard you can replace the protective screen layer, at least for the intuos...
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Hey, thanks for checking out my post.
The glass is not that heavy and adds not too much, the ergotron arm holds way more. The slickness is probably a matter of preference, I got so used to it, the regular surface feels unnatural to me. The other pluspoint is that the nibs don´t wear off. I had one on the cintiq 13hd in use for around 1 and a half year - not that it matters much...and I work fulltime on them ;)
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don't know how hard you press on your pen but I've had the same nib for 5 years on my 21UX pen and never had to change it. Not a single scratch on the screen either :0
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