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-Yellow Wins-


this is my submission to the speedpaint challenge I'll be doing for 2d artist magazine. A tutorial will accompany this in next month's issue.

About 3h30h straight with a few breaks. After work doodle!

The topic was "It was a long way up but they had to continue climbing".

These guys are supposed to be villagers beeing attacked by the lava monsters. Sometimes the lava overflow and the distracted villagers find themselves in some bad situations, fighting for their life.

I think the guy at the bottom is done for ;(

Hope you like!
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The cliffs are good, and the poses on the human figures are good. However, the lava monsters are hard to read; before I read the caption, I thought the lava monsters were baskets of flowers, or something like that.
Dieman's avatar
Those appear to actually be baskets of flowers. The lava monsters are at the bottom of the picture, grabbing green's leg.
aw man, guess he was trying too hard, climbing this mountain... or perhaps he wasnt trying enough. either way, makes me feel like i dont wanna be in his place, really
kichikaen's avatar
speed painting amazes me...
ninanai's avatar
mind blowing, you are the rock paint master
EgoDeusEst's avatar
For some reason I see this Camus-ish view on Sisyphus here. With the sad nihilistic smiley on the winning side and all. But I'm probably just reading too much into it :P
derBene's avatar
This is so mean and funny and funny at the same time :D
BrokensKiss's avatar
ok ok.. I have to ask :lmao: whats with the ripped pants :rofl:????
g-kat's avatar
hehe! speed climbing and speed painting...great joB! cudos!
rogue03's avatar
haha, very funny. Great work.
ArynChris's avatar
Ooo, his pants split... XD
surthur's avatar
maybe the dude with the green shirt is lucky since some neat succubus expect him to be a great sinner ;) still eager to see some new spawns from ya , recent works impressed me much , hope I can achieve that natural textzure one day O:
sei-ya's avatar
iz really fantastic0A0~+fav~
TAT..sooo skillful coloring you've done!great!awesome~~!!
ZoeyHuerta's avatar
I didn't noticed the green shirt guy ripped his pants! LOL
gongjins's avatar
D'aw, poor green shirt, his foot is goingto burn off ;~; Good luck Yellow guy, don't fall off...
Drunkenvalley's avatar
LOL @ yellow's t-shirt. :3

Awesome by the way.
jarod1872's avatar
Fantastic work man. I always look forward to your new submissions. This seems different from your normal work, and it's a great idea. Cool.
InannasWhisper's avatar
Let that be a lesson to all you other hues out there >:3
DasTenna's avatar
It´s simply an awesome piece of work! And all that in that short amount of time! Wow! :faint:
Skyrion's avatar
I have to fav this... can't resist... argh
TomatoDragon's avatar
LOL! He's toast. Your speed paintings are so incredible.
benrulz's avatar
luv ur style of art..!! great job..!
Noakami's avatar
I love the rip in pants. :P
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