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The long evolution of IL

*10/31/2016 Update

First version 2006
Last version 2016

So after beeing asked at least a million times I finally took the time to put all the updates one after the other so you can see the progress over time.

Enjoy (:
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I still love this so much 😍
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Version 3 has been on my desktop since 2014 according to the file properties. That's how much I like it.

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I like the third one best, but they're each great in their own way.
MilkaHedgehog's avatar
I always loved the third drawing the most. Now I'm sad because it's not in your Gallery anymore  sad

Diclonian's avatar
Wow what an improvement Heart 
TheJulinator's avatar
I like how the hair evolves
Annas-2Art2's avatar
i dont like how your signature dissapears by time
it should be the other way like your drawings
bigger and eye catching 
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When I first saw the original version back in 2006, i thought: My God! This guy is amazing! How can someone be so good!?
Looking through all of them, I'm not going to sit here and bore you with which one I think is best. I'm going to do what everyone else here should do-- simply appreciate your personal improvement. It's powerful--The first one in and of itself is amazing, but the improvement over ten years imparts an important lesson: Never stop pushing yourself.

You should be proud. Simply amazing.
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Do you have a youtube?
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Amazing, like four different emotions.
Spaceturnip's avatar
In each picture, it almost seems as if it's a timeline of her growing older.
its the eyes, it all in the eyes, the 3rd one have the saddest eyes in it.
Marmaladde's avatar
For the sake of critique, I also have to agree that the 3rd version is the best. The anatomy, lighting, texture, and colors are much better in the third. You seemed to have made the colors muddy in the 4th, and removed many details such as her freckles and her pink shirt. The anatomy of her face is also off as the eyes are too low and I'm confused as the anatomy was much more accurate in the third. What I see improved in the 4 image is the hair and the addition of a ring to her finger. 
Honestly the second and third ones are the ones I like best. The fourth one just doesn't capture the emotion that the third one really speaks to you with.
I think even more than the difference in the girl's appearance (more artificial in #3 and more human in #4), the difference in her facial expression seems to change the implied story.  In #4 it looks like she's saying "goodbye for now", and in "#3" it looks like she's saying "goodbye forever".
ryky's avatar
4 girl , 3 robot :)  you really improve with her face  but on the robot i like the gold and the detail in that machine  on 3 piece :) 
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I think the reason most people favor 3. one is because she also has a robotic, in-human like expression there... Which makes the piece more intresting 
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I'm sorry, but I still like the 3rd version better. The hands improved a lot in the last one, but I think her expression in the 3rd  has more impact to it, the look in her eye really gives a sense of her sadness which I think was lost a bit in the posterior version. Plus I think the texture on her skin looks softer and therefore less realistic, instead more cartoonish, and I tend to prefer more realistic (that's just a matter of personal taste though so I can't say it's better or worse).
Anyway, both last versions are great and this is one of my fav pieces from all dA, srsly! :D
btw is there anywhere I can still find the 3rd version so I could use as screensaver? thanks!
Jack-the-Shinigami's avatar
I kinda like the first one best. It's the most innocent looking.
But I also think, the last one is the most real one. Not only visually real, but also emotionally...
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Powerful, so amazing how the smallest change can make the mode, and feeling move.  Frazetta taught me that less is more and when it comes to the female this law (less is more) is most evident.  Like a woman's nose, Frank Frazetta championed the two dots for a nose in his sketches, and then his paintings showed he kept to this law.
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I love the transformation, beautiful result! :)
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