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-The Great Arch-

Hey ho! Just finished this image I started to work on during lunch breaks at work. Spent quite a few hours on this, changed a lot since the first version...

The "great arch" refers to that big ass arch-rock-mountain thing in the bg. This lovely gentleman is the Mountain King, taking a lil break with his lil lady. AWWW so CUTE!

All done in pS CS2 with the wacom combat cintiq +5 of doom.

Hope you guys like it!

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I love this drawing, I keep coming back to it, the shading is perfect <3 I only wish you had a process video for it, I wasn't able to find it on  your youtube channel... If you do have that up somewhere please link me to it.
Thanks :D
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Love your work saw you on YouTube
Wow this is a really amazing work. I am feeling the story.
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wow this is a really incredible piece of work i really like the narrative conveyed....
Fathomcube's avatar gentle mountain king......OoOooohh! Hahhahah awesome pic.....and I also love reading the comments there hilarious
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his head is extremly small, otherwise - very nice picture :)
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So amazingly sexy. I would gladly fuck them both. Id even pay them =P
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Uhh, has been my wallpaper for a long time ^^ now I found you Neko Emoji-15 (Blush) [V1] 
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how do you get your colours so matte and still so vibrant? When I pick colours they allways look shitty :(
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Lol! to....
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I've been looking for a humanoid with mostly human features with earthy or crystalline traits. This looks fantastic!
I would love to see another piece of just her, flying maybe.
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lol. I like your way of thinking.
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Another awesome image. Wow!
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loving the art style, those arms!
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this is so epic!
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oO love this so much!
the colours are mindblowing!
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Beautiful work.
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This is one of my favorites of favorites.
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Awesome attention to detail!!
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