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The Grand Summon

Yay done with Dominance War 3!! That image sure took a shit ton of time to render, having so much rock was definitely a retarded idea on my end.

Im quite happy with the result, there are a good deal of details that are really bothering me but overall I'm satisfied. I'll post some closeups soon, we miss so much at this low resolution.

Hope you guys like it, wish me luck!
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excellent rock detail
DarkDudXD's avatar
this is amazing! i really like the way the "earth beast" or how you call it looks, the mask thingy on his head looks so naturally grown, the red eyes, the teeth, the spikes , everything looks PERFECT on him
HerrKommendant's avatar
The rendering of rock is amazing!
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Korwynze's avatar
0mg awsome!!!!

(btw when i saw this style i thought of the game wakfu a bit)
joeltonongkh's avatar
stunning among so much...
Hollow-nyan's avatar
Wonderful work !!! I love the details !!!
davidayalde's avatar
man, is there any tutorial of how to do stuff like this color-atmosphere-wise? pretty cool : D
Dragonfury0's avatar
love the rock monster!
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Amazing! I'd have to say that my favourite part is the monster. =P He's just so cool!!
MittMac's avatar
Nice piece, you got a very original colouring way. Dont have the right words to explain it.. Maybe its because you mainly use two main colors. Like blue and orange most of the time.

Keep going :)
Aranis6891's avatar
Even if the detail of the rock was annoying, it was definitely worth the work: it looks amazing and really sets the picture apart.

Konnestra's avatar
my god this is gorgeous jesus
your coloring is really nice and it looks like a traditional water color
chainblade's avatar
I CANT EVEN DRAW A CIRCLE! -throws pencials on ground-
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girlycows's avatar
i love the way she is sitting on the beast thing and i love the way the beast thing looks!!!! i love her armor especially the helmet.
Neroshadow's avatar
This is extremely cool.
I like the lighting effect you gave it. :)
inkblast's avatar
Just where do you come up with so many fantastic ideas?
Your summoned beast really amazes me, as much as the character that stands on its top, and there are so many details...this is gorgeous:)
AfroSeoul's avatar
Cool. I'm going to favorite this!
kadryn's avatar
wow, i like its powerful look and the lightning too. the colours look very beautiful, although altogether it looks scary :P
fable2190's avatar
man, thats awesome
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