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-The Enchanted Pond-

By MarcBrunet
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Oh shiet im done! yeah fucking right! DONE!

Alright, first thing first, i SUPER happy with how this one came out!! I've spent so much time over this one, you have no idea, i changed everything in this pic about 5 times, no wonder i've been working months on this. I really got bored with it at some point, seemed like this would never look good. Nyways, im no quitter and i managed to put some time on it here and there, and at last, its over! The image is far from perfect, there is still an enormous amount of things bugging me, but yeah fuck it, this drawing already stole enough hours away from my life! That bastard.

The image represents what would be a fairy from the future. Weird? yes. I wanted to kinda mix together the old fairy tales with my more scifi style. Hence the mecha fairy!

She lives among the other creatures in the forest, she's what one could call the forest queen/protector, whatever! Just like some ppl try to preserve our forest/species, she's there to help protec the forest she lives in. Her world is slightly different tho, it was once ruled by machines, there were no plants, animals, or any form of natural life. Everything was artificial. Something changed eventually, an event occured and the whole world was changed, forever. Natural life started to take over, slowly, and machines were forgotten, becoming the foundation for this new era.

Still, there are always machines that go wrong and disturb the peace of the forest. It is said the pond in this image was once cursed, and corrupts the machine nearby, causing them to destroy the natural life. It's the mecha fairy's role to stop this when it occurs. Her powers lets her reset the machine's memory, and protects it from future corruptions.

One day, all the machines will be cured by the fairy, and she will dissapear, no longer needed, but untill then she walks the forest's soil in search for these troublemakers.

Hahaha yeah i just came up with this! Anyways, as usual, this piece was done in photoshopcs2, with my wacom gatling gun! DUnno how much time this took me, lets just say, WAY TOO MUCH.

Hope you like!

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Cool concept and rendition.

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*Examines picture*
*reads description*
"Mecha fairy. Never heard of that before"
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IamNanayoungStudent General Artist

The girl should really put on some pants though. 
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DolleticProfessional Digital Artist
Absolutely amazing!
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jakewoolleyartStudent Traditional Artist
Ahhhhhh this is beautiful I'm glad you carried on working on it.  
The concept is beautiful and the finished product really brings it to life. So interesting I love it.
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MythicSkiesStudent General Artist
Very interesting concept and technique. I am starting my own digital painting journey and this piece really inspires me. Very well done.
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sevenonsevenHobbyist Artist
yet another fav for mew00t! 
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BLUE-eternal-laserHobbyist Photographer
like it, make me think of what would fallout 4 would look like
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LiylthHobbyist Digital Artist
:) i love your armor(?) designs like these. ^^ This one is my favorite of all in your gallery. I really enjoy the fantasy and scifi mix also.
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really beautiful
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truly magnificent! :iconshinyheartplz:
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KeyoshiStormStudent Digital Artist
I love it. it's amazing and you did a wonderful job.

My only problem is that she's far to thin to be realistic unless she's anorexic. I know she's supposed to be a fairy, but it's still way to small.
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you have amazing work and i love this piece in particular. I only dream of creating what you can create and wish i knew where to start.
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I've always loved the intermixing of fantasy and mecha. Impossible Lover of yours is one of my all time favorite pieces, and this very close as well. Excellent work. You are extremely, EXTREMELY talented.
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you should write a book and put the pictures in it. Absolutely beautiful
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sprout1124Student General Artist
u dont have to hope, cuz i like it! dude ur fucking amaziiinnngg!!!! teach meeeee xD seriously im no where as good as you and ur so inspirational. keep dpin what ur doin cuz ur fucking good at it xD
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LavypooStudent Artist
awesome work !
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I have to watch this picture every time that I look at my favorites :), I'll buy a print, just love it!
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fredolart General Artist
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plasma4ceStudent General Artist
epix :3
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Great!!!! very very like it =)
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