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Suppanova Gun

EEy guys! Here's the art I did for my latest youtube video, where I redrew my first digital drawing from 2004, just a few years before I joined DA (jesus I'm old). Had a blast and hoping you guys try it too by starting a #redrachallenge2020 on social media! I'll pick a few to feature in a future video ;) Details in the video!

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Your use of that...bright cyan? ( sometimes it can he hard for me to clearly discern colors accurately ) is exceptional in this piece ( in the moon, the girl's eyes, the girls's tattoos, and that top part of the gun ). Not only does it provide visual focal points, but it also provides superb visual dynamic eye movement ( a straight line from the moon to the beam coming from the gun, and also a circular movement from the eyes down to the bottom along the curves of the body ). That contrasting red of the gun / belt / 'knee guard' ( ? ) also serves its respective role in the eye movement. The contrast in value ( specifically in the girl's face ) truly accentuates those cyan eyes ( in a visually pleasing ind of way ). I also noticed you used very small cyan..'dots' towards the bottom left corner ( sparks from the gun's blast? ). I felt if those sparks were a bit more prominent they might have added to the eye movement, adding to the movement already present in the piece. With that said, your work is amazing and very inspiring ( and even if it would be in the absolute smallest way, I'd like to help you improve. Yes, the student has less experience and technical skill, but I believe the master can not only teach and inspire the student immensely, but also learn from the student )!

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Great choice of color. (:

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You just keep mastering your craft. Incredible!💯
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I'm super envious of your edge work and lighting. Well done!

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Magnifique !!! J'aime particulièrement l'ambiance lumineuse :)

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I love the background!:love:

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Nice work, love the shadowed face!
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This is nice good job!

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Wow, amazing artwork, so much power :heart: !

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