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March 6, 2011
Spawn-ish by *Bluefley

The suggester said: "Detailing and exposing the color looking awesome. Good job!"

So, who wants to arm wrestle?

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Oh snaps...I need to finish all those damn images laying on my desktop already. I blame it on soulcalibur4 and Eden, stealing away my precious precious time ;(

Alright, so this is my entry for the comicon contest over at

I've always been a big fan of spawn and if I were do make a fanart, I had no choice but to pick him, couple hours in photoshop, was kinda rushed since the deadline is today and I wanna go play videogames. Not ultra happy with the result but meh, the pose I picked was kinda boring to begin with.

hope you like!

it's spawn from the hellspawn novel BTW, my style.
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