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Snuggles Terminator


This is what happens when I paint instead of sleeping.

Could've polished this a LOT more, but I'm lazy and tired (:

Goddamnit today is gonna be rough.


EDIT: since ppl asked for it, here is my custom square brush, nothing crazy:P :

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Awesome! Keep up the awesomeness!!!!!
ARRD-ART's avatar
That's some funky weapon design! Great job! 
steph0804's avatar
Initiate destruction of all things cute and cuddly! :P
TedMartens's avatar
Looks fantastic! I love the simplified impressions of leaves.
pronkyou2's avatar
NUUUUUUUU! My childhood!
wiggloid's avatar
clampfan101's avatar
If she's trying to blend in like the bears, she's not doing too well. ;) lol
FlorenciaAtria's avatar
love the background
joeltonongkh's avatar
so cool. more close up would be better! love this!
HazardWarningComics's avatar
poor snuggles. what did he ever do? lol
Raelsatu's avatar
One of my favorite images on DA. The square brush look is just purely amazing. Infinite respect.
msdonnad's avatar
A woman at war, with the innocence ot the teddy bears, nice work
JonFreeman's avatar
LOL awesome pic! those little guys don't stand a chance though 8(
Bionic-Kitty's avatar
this is EPIC! and does the girl have different colored eyes?
zacpfaff's avatar
saw this one hanging on the wall by the cafeteria! Love it!
MarcBrunet's avatar
haha thanks dood!
CyberStreaker101's avatar
haha teddy bears are a nice touch
KlothoIX's avatar
Blue? for someone that feels you could have done more? don't berate yourself. ITS WONDERFUL. you created a FANTASTIC piece of art. if this is your lazy work? WOW!!!
redchinese's avatar
haha- the teddy bears will die!
wonderful lighting
kartos's avatar
I LOVE the background!
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