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Well... After almost like a year of doing nothing personal, I kicked my own butt tonight and finished this!

I even started 2 other ones, I think.... I think its coming back! I'm on fire bitches!

This determined lady needs to hire a personal fashion designer. Also, I have no idea whats going on in this painting, so don't ask.

Not as clean as I would like, but its 4am and I gotta get to bed, so I'll call it done. Done in Photoshop with a premium wacom shard pencil.

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All these years later it reminds me of a certain Online-Shooter character.
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I'm turning the most stalker fan que can exist! His arts are ...  are BEAUTIFUL! I wish they  are real * ^ * (OOOMGG)
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Someone stole her pants!!! And she is angry!!!Aww aint it cute 
bulgraph's avatar
Let's wear an armor! but how to make panties... you nailed it!
Pedro-Elefante's avatar
really good piece!
How come there are no pants again?
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At first I thought, "Damn, there's a chick, floating in space with no helmet, a blowtorch a jetpack, and a bikini bottom. Bad ass."

And then I actually saw *the picture*. Your version is pretty bad ass... even without the space-floaty
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It's a nice piece... everything works well together.
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I love how you draw the hair of your characters. The style of her anatomy is fantastic too. Two thumbs up!
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Nice creative style
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Girls+ Mechs= Unmatched mixture OuO[link]
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I love your commentary on your own work. Srsly! ;)
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This is one of my favorites it could be a cd cover for a techno band..Beast!
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WOW. I'm impressed! Love it!
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So pretty. I am glad i came back to deviant art so that i could see this
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This is insanely awesome. The perspective is so interesting and unusual, and all those colors pop right off the screen. I love the look on the girl's face also -- it's like, 'I may be in my underwear, but I can still kick your butt.'
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Love the expression on her face - and the hair! Epic hair. Very painterly and abstract. I would like to see more of the scene she plundering through.
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Gorgeous and fantastic :D
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