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-Sexy meal-

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Another one that started as a lunch doodle, spent some more time on it tonight and meh, got bored of it, so I'm done!

One lucky robot is gonna have a nice lunch. Poor girl, she's got no clue SHE is the lunch.

Experimenting with weird color combinations.. :0

Photoshop, done with the help of my Wacom robot assistant. Actually he did all the work.

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fangygirl1985's avatar
if she didnt have horns it would remind me of a hulder
ghostbusters5's avatar
Beautiful and sexy work as always 😍 😍😍 😍 😍!!!!!
Chaos-The-Chosen-One's avatar
Is there a concept for her species? I find her very fascinating, and am a firm believer she will get away without being eaten. Definitely. Can't make me think otherwise. :P ;)
sryates's avatar
Your work reminds me somewhat of Frank Frazetta. I like it.
Pompous-Sloth's avatar
The robot looks like alien from the Alien movies... except a robot. Idk, it looks really cool though! I love the bright vibrant colours aswell
giftofmagi's avatar
many the alluring female, both in classic myth and modern sci fi / fantasy whose beauty is merely a lure for the unwary

one should not so quickly assume the outcome will be in the mecha's favor
NarakuNoDragon's avatar
This is brilliant!!
BennyTejadaMaglaya's avatar
IconRobotJ80 Monsieur Robot, go eat that sexy b*tch!
FusionFlyer's avatar
Numnumnum i numming thies pictuure :P
betta347's avatar
Xenos spotted
VolomonArt's avatar
You come here often lover boy?
xXNamaste's avatar
Awe damn. I thought the girl would eat the robot. Now THAT would be interesting :P
steph0804's avatar
I absolutely love the colors here!
THEJOHN59's avatar
Grrrr, féline !
You are a genius! ♥
UltraSonicUSA's avatar
The colors, the highlights, the subject, this a remarkable image.
MuffinK4T's avatar
Yay Monsieur Robot! :"D
mrtyamiro's avatar
Sagittarius-A-star's avatar
Monsieur robot is going to have a nice lunch- and YOU'RE IT!!! Oh dear. That does it, it is time to break out my General Atomics WZ-105 Fission Carbonizer and rise up against the machines. Then I'll have myself a nice lunch- just kidding!! :D
p3rsh1ng's avatar
Since whe do robots need to eat? o_O

:iconglados---plz::iconsaysplz:Yknow... I was wondering that myself
Sagittarius-A-star's avatar
Now, they will. [link] Still feel safe at night? :D Actually, EATR will be a vegetarian, but a robot that eats is not impossible and in fact may be quite likely- but I prefer wind-up clockwork steampunk robots myself.
CreatorofExistance's avatar
That sounds like a good idea.
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