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July 9, 2006
Impossible LOV3 by *Bluefley is one of many images from a talented gallery. The emotions in this one are so raw and powerful, making it a truly special painting worth studying.
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Impossible LOV3 ver.3

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here is a link to the evolution of the piece over time! :…

Make up the background story as you please, I erased mine I think it's better everybody sees their own story in this.

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To steal a quote from an anime called Ghost Stories, their love was never meant to be. Not because he’s a robot. But because he’s bald.

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Is this art purchasable anywhere? I so need it on my wall, I’ve had it as wallpaper for years but so need a physical copy
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Hi, I feel like this is updated. I just signed into my account after years of not being on here and your image here was in my shopping cart. However, I remember this image very well because I loved it so much previously, so I have to say I notice that you changed her lips. contact me:

Its a great work, but the girls eyes are quite weird. - Like shes looking somewhere else, but on whatever that is thats before her.

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I have been looking for the author of this wonderful work for a very long time and finally found it. Thank you Mark for what you are doing!

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Is it possible to buy a print of it ?

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Heh yep I too have seen this before. Well, a variation of it. My desktop wallpaper for years, one of them anyway. She had little horn type earrings in I think.
I can't remember what else was different but this "feels" different.
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The version you speak of has been on my desktop since 2014. I really would like Marc to make it available as a print. This version is labeled as number 3, but this is the 4th in that collage in the link. I'm looking for the 3rd in that collage.

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Ah yeah why did I not look at that link before? 😬
The 3rd one, it might have been, nice! I love that.
But after comparing it to this I think I prefer the girls hair on this one, 4th in the collage.
Still great work though on all 4.....
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Holy damn. I remember finding an older version somewhere randomly. I cannot believe I found the artist and the original illustration XD.

Congratulations, a really good piece of art :3.
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Replying to edit something cause I am an idiot:

"I remember randomly finding an older version YEARS(!) ago, finding the artist now, along with 4 different versions of one of my most beloved artworks was truly a wonderful surprise 😍".

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do you have a link to the older version? would love to see it.
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This is the link for all versions, he did a collage with them:

The long evolution of IL

Umm..okay, it just uploaded the photo, that works too 😂.

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oh wow thanks! gave me goosebumps

i like the older version better, this artwork is maybe better. but the older one had deepness and shows more emotion than this version. this one looks have to a dead eyes comparing to the old one who were full of fear and sadness. it got into my soul. 
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do you have a link to the older version? would love to see it.
this is beautiful likeJake crying plz  well done m8
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It is very emotional piece of art, Good work!
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the  art looks  so scarey  so thriller  
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