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Impossible LOV3 ver.3
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Published: July 3, 2006
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here is a link to the evolution of the piece over time! :


Make up the background story as you please, I erased mine I think it's better everybody sees their own story in this.

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i like the older version better, this artwork is maybe better. but the older one had deepness and shows more emotion than this version. this one looks have to a dead eyes comparing to the old one who were full of fear and sadness. it got into my soul. 
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this is beautiful likeJake crying plz  well done m8
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malre|Hobbyist General Artist
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Carlos-Alberto-Salv1|Hobbyist Digital Artist
outstanding by Carlos-Alberto-Salv1   Awesome by Carlos-Alberto-Salv1  
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It is very emotional piece of art, Good work!
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vlexvnderplatz|Professional Digital Artist
I love it!
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the  art looks  so scarey  so thriller  
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I could watch this for hours. Beautiful!
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This isn't the original version 3 :(
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Amber-Girl7|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hm... it reminds me of one of Zlatko’s monsters in Detroit: Become Human.
Amazing art!
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That chapter legit scared me. Felt like it was designed to be a horror chapter. Much suspence.
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Pysiordzios|Student Digital Artist
I just thought about that! :3
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Pottersheads|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing artwork!!!
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datdirtydeviant|Hobbyist General Artist
One of the best pictures on Deviant Art
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Somebody needs to create a story. This is amazing.

(it kinda reminds me of scarlet witch and vision but maybe it's because i'm a huge marvel geek)
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SmileyDraws18|Student Traditional Artist
This is so beautiful. From the light and the shading and the emotion on her face. It's very moving and gorgeous. Amazing job. Can't wait to see more!
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tilianus|Hobbyist Photographer
She reminds me of a student in Göttingen.
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DeadAccount3|Professional Digital Artist
If you’re sorry for posting then don’t post it ffs
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Randomgirl339|Hobbyist General Artist
ment to delete it yesterday .-. i didnt finish what it said to do and nothing happened 
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I'll do a story


"It's been a century since anything has been right in our world. A war has broken our world apart into two. 

There were the mechs, the destroyers, machines made by mankind themselves as a weapon. But the issue was mankind started making themselves into these machines too, who didn't want to gain incredible strength in every form? From head to toe everything would get improved all by a simple surgery done by our experts. 

It was disgusting, it was awful.
And while some of us volunteered to be apart of the mech world, others were forced. 
With the greed for power and vengeance against those weaker, a ruler rose. They called him, Wyner. I called him, Weiner, cause that'st just how I feel about his existence. 
Wyner was the beginning of the end. He loved the idea of mech mankind world. Power in his eyes, greed in his power, he has forced those with good genetics to become a part of his emperor of robots. It wasn't long before the most important thing in my entire world was taken from me.

The man of my dreams, the man of my life, stripped away right before me, I watched it right through my sea graced eyes. Screaming his name, "Joseph!". They didn't want me, I was too broken for their interests, but they took the only person who took care of me since I lost my parents to an awful accident in my childhood. We did everything together, he was my world.

And now I watched him as a mech. The thing about these new human mechs is that they took over the human brain and made the person once known, gone. Their eyes going red when they're ready to target their enemy. I hated it so much, I hated what my world has become, I hated that I had to fight this alone. I hated that I had lost the one thing that mattered. 
They picked the wrong person to mess with.
It's been six months since Wyner took Joseph.
It's been five months since I started my own secret rebellion. 
There are a lot of us, probably not enough to stop this, but enough to fight, enough spirit to try, enough life to start a new. 
A new world where this kind of tragedy isn't the end to us all.
The love of my life stood on the enemy borders, but I'm not planning on backing down until Wyner is down.

This is my story, 
the beginning of the end.
My name is Arianna.
And I'm here to tell you tale that ended mankind."
[End of Memory]

For now anyway. 
This was completely impromptu. I didn't even look back to look at the mistakes or if anything sounded weird. I hope anyone who reads it likes it!
I love writing so this is definitely up my alley, plus this is such a beautiful drawing to write to. Good job :D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you that you took your time to write that interesting piece of story, i liked it. :^)
And sometimes i really would like to become that kind of mech, to never feel pain and sadness again..
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