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-Forbidden Art-


yesss done! been working on this for a few days now, really wanted to see if i could finish this piece, and i did! It was done for fun, more like a endurance challenge:>;)
I did this in photoshop, original size about 3000x5000, with my wacom shotgun and my tablet. DUnno how much time i spent on this, prob around 20 hours, hope you guys like it as much as i do!

Thanks for watching!

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Beautiful & Magic ! You are great !
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Amazing artwork! Great job!!! <3
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I had tried everything finding this was the greatest thing thats ever happened my success was effortless just think of all the possibilities
I had to prove that I could amount to something I was so lucky to have found this now nobody disrespects me you can have a chance too
Free legitimate Opportunities to work
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Magic is a strange art indeed. Well done.
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:clap: Enchanting...
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That is one exquisitely designed blade. As a rule, I absolutely HATE fantasy blades. But I've seen enough real warblades to know that this design here is reasonably effective :)
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Something about the feel of this artwork just draws me in!! It is very inspirational! I love the detail behind it! :happybounce:
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Wow, there are just so many details to this! Took me a few looks to see them all (if i have seen them all XD) Im gonna just stare at it some more.
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Great job, where did you learn how to do Digital art?
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Nice concept.. I like the faces around the sword.
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Took me a moment to see what that white smoke really was. Nice.
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i really love your work,you draw women & men equally well,i,m always trying to catch movement,a snap in time,then speed prince youve accomplished that..the earie magic faces are otherworld in this piece
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Very interesting combinations of the form, contrast and colour! Very much it was pleasant to me!
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Love this piece, just like the rest of your gallery its the beautiful lines and colours that pull me in and the detail that keeps me looking :D

Nice work.
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