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-First Snow-

I'm still alive!

Aww jeebus recently i have NO time to GC, soo many school projects, end of the semester is coming close! >_<

SO ya this little lade here was done for ImagineFX magazine, i'm doing a tutorial in there in the next issue, or the one after, who knows! I'm almost done writting, look foward to it when it comes out!

I'll explain in details how i did this one, will images and the whole crap, you know.

Hope you like it!

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Great Image. Wow!!!

Fernando Coutinho
Beautiful. It's like a scene of a cyberpunk red hood. Except that not her hood is red. Only her hair. I love it.
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Your art is really inspiring. 
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Really like the somewhat cold feel of it, combos great with the pink/red-ish hair and lights +fav 
Calleahan's avatar
Really cool. And the cat its so cute!
Wow! Looks like a futuristic Little Red Riding Hood!
Welp, instant watch and favorite.
Little red riding hood?
scarletfireblaze's avatar
It's CLEARLY snowing.... why would she dress like that...
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Who says snow has to be cold on that world?

Or, maybe she's got antifreeze blood and doesn't need to keep as warm as a normal human?

Who Know?

Oh... The artist knows.

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This is pretty awesome!  Though she'd better cover up, it's about to get really cold...
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red riding hood :D
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Интересно было бы посмотреть на волка и лесоруба ...
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This is really neat idea.

It looks like Red ridding hood Sci-fi style
i saw this in a magazine, and i'm french :D
Awsome! - What to have as a poster on my wall at home :D
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The chick is hot (though probably a bit cold.) the kitten is adorable, and the meaning is inspirational.
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Wow! This is a good art. I've posted my first drawing recently and will never stop drawing. Artist like you is what keeps me going. Thanks for the inspiration! ;)
WOW, just wow man. i would LOVE to see you getting paid really well for your art. your style looks like it would fit perfectly on magic cards n stuff like that. you have some really really wonderful talent!
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Hahaha thanks man, don't worry Blizzard is taking very good care of me ;)
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Aww, look at the little kitten.
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Probably one of my favorite images on DA :)
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