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Coffee Break


Hey guys! I'm back from the dead! Here is my latest painting - Check out the full 4h+ tutorial here

Hope you like!

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Would have made them take their bath in the back room without upsetting the customers.

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I cannot imagine why a fairy would need flip-flops :-)

Tito-Mosquito's avatar

"We don't serve your kind here!"

MyCatspet's avatar
It's not the fact there in the coffee it's the trouble they cause after spending to long in the Double Espresso!
Burksaurus's avatar
That's adorable
BadKitty44's avatar
Cool 😸 👍 
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This is Soooo----HOT!

Serious, neat comment downthread...

Be awesome sauce to have the owner indeed take down the sign, setup a dwelling for them - a dollhouse is a good idea for expediency, give them some coffee and treats.
Behind a glass for the house - some house rules not to grab or mess with the fairies and them not to play pranks or steal from customers.
"They said they used this area before we humans settled here...  There were a lot of natural berry fields around here according to my grandfather..."

BUT - he's got tiny cameras in the bed, in the baths, in the rooms - and people can subscribe to it and watch them!
Hmm....  Might check what I can do with 3D...!
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From the girls to the story telling of the background, there is so much to like here. :+fav:
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Well. This would be an interesting start to a day in my life.
KingNot's avatar
I keep coming back to this image.  Love it.

Would be neat to see a follow-up where the owner has a 'change of heart' and sets aside a neat behind glass dollhouse and gives them reasonable coffee and tea and stuff.  Neat attraction, masked as a compromise.  But there are tiny hidden cameras in the doll house so people can log into the net and subscribe to pics and videos of the Faries in private...!
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Always love your art and imagination. 
I found this at… and tracked it down to here. Thanks for making it, I love it!
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"No Fairies Allowed"

Actually, It's more of a safety and clean thing. Don't want to accidentally slurp up a fairy trying to enjoy a nice hot coffee scented bath, or even worse, choke on one.
rvjerusalem's avatar
I love that this happens often enough that they had to get a sign
That or to prevent harmful accidents like I mentioned to GoingGoingBack
SapphireSoul102's avatar
I love their expressions! Fantastic work :D
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This is absolutely fantastic. Really creative concept. 
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the local fairy gang toke over the one coffee mug "chill out!" :D
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The Giant or man looks hot
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