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:3 yo so this is the commish i did for ! This is her character Chaos, a halfbreed(human/dragon). All done in pshotoshopcs2 with my wacom pistol, hope you dig!

Oh and why is she barely naked you asked? CUZ IM A PERVERT WHAT ELSE??? jeez

Thanks for watching!

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sell it as a print? it's awesome!
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Awesome. Simple yet captivating.
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can I make a request? a girl who merges with a robot after passing through a portal at the same time with the robot. oh, and make her eyes glow. you can name her anything you want.
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Holy Emperor! Heretic! Purge!!
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very nice, to me it also gives off a steampunk feeling.
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Damn, this is just hot, and it is just a painting, but still.
totally dig. very striking.
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i really love the smooth transition between her ass and her leg. gorgeous!
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I like the way her dragon parts blend with her human parts. Very nicely done.
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Congratulations beautiful
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Congratulations beautiful
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Gooooooood job duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud
i like it
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:iconsomeredhearts: Your amazing artwork has been featured here [link] . Thank you for sharing your fabulous talents !:heart:
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So...what you're saying is...a dragon sexed with a human? Or...a human seduced a dragon? Sounds violent....haha. Just kidding around. It's a beautiful piece, though.
Hooray for perverts who can do stuff like this. Usually chicks that look like they could kill me look like men.
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Really like this piece, love the hair !!
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hehe, I love the dragon-human, specially if is dragon-girl. This is like a proyect that I have :D

Sorry for my bad english :P
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wants to hug.....
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this is awesome :) i love how her hair stands out in quite a dark drawing :D
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Nice! And she's cute.
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wonderful. Looks cool.I like fantasy books and art and dragons, especially dragon halfbreeds.
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