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Hey! I know I haven't been submitting a lot of stuff lately, I'm still getting settled in my new place, and I have so much crap to do for clients aside from my day job, can hardly find a second to work on personal stuff! :/

This is a concept of a character for a personal project, can't say anything more yet!

I should be posting more stuff this month, rest assured, I'm not dead! ... (:

Hope you like!
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Sincerely inspirational work. 
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i like the shARK GOVE things and the pants boots design
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I can draw like you!!!
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How long have you been drawing digital art ;3; I started two days ago. I'm so so so impressed with your work and want to draw like you someday senpai!
izzi3bootz's avatar
Great job creating the armour for this character, I love the intricacies of it!
This looks so dark and serious and funny, at the same time. Waiting to see the rest of it.
guyman80's avatar
Really nice! I love the way you set up this model sheet. What program did u use?
ToxicFoxxeh's avatar
That is SUCH a cool design! :) I really like all of your art work!
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Are those power fists?
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This wouldnt happen to be for Blizzard would it? Also it's really cool.
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Way cool design!
hobojoe2013's avatar
How long did this take you?
azrael-arkangel's avatar
It looks like a futuristic Diablo 3 Monk.. Wich is something I would like to see, now that I think about it. Other than that, this is really good :)
Minda-Mouse's avatar
I want overalls like the girl on the far left... :D
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I knew i saw this somewhere before ,i was browsing the web and i came across a 3d model of this Image (The Mecca girl) made by Rafael Grassetti [link] an its pretty accurate .Pretty nice man
MarioArroyo's avatar
Bad ass!!...and cute her ass ...
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This is exceptional!
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This isn't your art *-*
MarcBrunet's avatar
Are you retarded?
ayrton2011's avatar
I made a compliment because it was very good *m* Sorry for my english :'(
MarcBrunet's avatar
lol sorry thought I was getting insulted for a sec there :P
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