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Forever Dreaming

Forever Dreaming...yep, that's me allright. I rendered this image outside my campsite on Olympic's north coast, in Washington. The combination of season and tide were essential. I'd been here many times without similar results.
This is a 5 minute exposure. Light and colors recorded here are not so visible to the naked eye.
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Amazing photo!!
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whats the possilbility of using this exposure for my bands demo digipak? thanks, Dave
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Very very nice, well handled and composed!
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brilliant work
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this is unbelievable :love:
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WOW! excellent capture :)
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Good evening,

My name is Peter Sawyer and I write on behalf of Phototuts+ ([link])

I would like to feature this image in an article I am currently writing about long exposure photography.
A link to the image, and the name of the piece would be given in the article.

Please let me know if you are ok with this ASAP.

Thanks Peter
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beathtaking. woah.
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Your photo features here: [link] :)
how did all the stones get in strait rows like that naturally??
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Beautiful picture!
Hi, very nice shot, how do you calculate exposure time ? :) I don't have a light meter yet....
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:tighthug: Your photo is featured in my journal---> [link]
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Great composition !
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Featured along side some other stunning landscapes in my journal. Hope you dont mind --> [link] :)
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This picture is beautiful ! Good composition.
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I’ve featured this piece in my news article [link] . I hope you don’t mind it and enjoy the article, too.

I’m sorry if, by posting this comment on more of your photos, I’m spamming your inbox – I am aware that some deviants were featured numerous times, but want to be clear on what exactly I posted there. :)
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really fantastic!
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omg wow that's awesome <3
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