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Fairyland Falls

By MarcAdamus
Rainforest - beautiful, lush, dank, dreamy, fantastical, all those things. The morning, sun starting to break through, illuminating this canyon deep in the forest. Capture the experience!
I used a technique here, I call my 'condensation method'. I blew a layer of fog onto my lens four seconds into a six second exposure. This creates a soft halo around the highlights without sacrificing sharpness. It is an in-camera trick that works well in light such as this. It is similar to some variations of the photoshop 'Orton' effect. For me, it enhances the mood.
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ok so where are the Fairies>?;-)So many fun hiding places in this..Awesomeness to extreme..Love it;-)
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The condensation trick worked perfectly. I've seen a lot of nice forest photos, but this might be the greenest.
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There is a pleasure in the pathless woods-- featured [link]
warren-wol's avatar
so that condensation method; is that copywrited?
i would love to be a fly on the wall during your process in the field and post.
sinawali's avatar
nice method, nice picture, nice area.
vodkafraise's avatar
quiet beauty ! perfection !
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simply beautiful :)
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Such a beauty :)
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This is simply amazing. Take me to this place. :love:
MontanaSkies's avatar
Please tell me where this was taken! The first word that came to my mind when I saw this photo was "Eden"...I'm not a religious person at all, but when I saw this it truly looked like a more perfect place than humankind could ever create.
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looks like heaven itself
dresdenblue's avatar
Oh, hey, that's clever. I've had that happen to me accidentally a few times for sure and have enjoyed the results, but it never occurred to me to just do it intentionally. =P Thanks for the tip!
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What a wonderful capture ~ this place just breathes ~ lovely work! :deviation: :rose: Coco

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This is precisely the stuff i like most and strive to achieve myself! Cool method!
lifecapture's avatar
Awesome, easily a fav!
Tristessa-dreams's avatar
This is beautiful. Reminds me a little of Keith Parkinson. Also feels as if something is watching me behind one of those lush green plants.
M-M-X's avatar
How did you blow the fog? Straight on the surface of the lens or from side just in front of it?
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