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One of my goals for this year (I do goals, not resolutions for each year) is to do an average of a photo shoot a week for the year. So 52 photo shoots all together and so far this year I've done 15. So, I'm pretty easy with what I require for a photo shoot right now and am up for most things. Still, there are a number of things I am looking for for various projects. They are as follows:

-People who want to model, especially people in Portland, OR
-Pretty Goth Girls (One can never have enough of those.)
-MUAs, especially ones that can do horror FX such as zombie and vampires
-Hair Stylists
-People with Victorian or neo-Victorian clothing
-Steampunk props, especially guns and strange devices
-People with 40's fashions including uniforms, especially SS uniforms
-60's psychedelia and secret agent fashions (think James Bond along with girl in mini and go-go boots)

Most of these are just for random photo shoots and non-commercial. Some are for art for Unhallowed Metropolis, a tabletop RPG involving Victorian fashions and undead, or some RPGs that I'm working on but the money involved in those projects is less than what typically spend on a shoot anyway. All shoots are for TFP which means a CDR of photo files suitable for printing. If you actually want prints, I can probably do that too.
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