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Always looking for models and currently need them with the following:

- 40's/50's fashions
- 60's fashions
- victorian zombie parents
- willing to play around in dirt and makeup, possible implied nudity
- willing to go to Fort Worden with Chuckie and myself and play around in the tunnels this summer
- neo-Vic gothic vampires

All work is TFP meaning you would get prints or printable files out of the deal for your time. I can provide some hair and MUAs as well as some props, but am looking for models with the clothes. Some of the work would be for personal projects or the Unhallowed Metropolis game. Others are just for fun.

Just got back from Kinetik Festival in Montreal with lots of band photos. About to take off for Rome and then Leipzig for Wave-gothic-Treffen where I will be doing concert photography as well as fashion.

Come to Seattle Downtown Artwalk and my studio in the 619 Western building on the first Thursday of every month (until they kick us out and  tear down the building anyway).
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One of my goals for this year (I do goals, not resolutions for each year) is to do an average of a photo shoot a week for the year. So 52 photo shoots all together and so far this year I've done 15. So, I'm pretty easy with what I require for a photo shoot right now and am up for most things. Still, there are a number of things I am looking for for various projects. They are as follows:

-People who want to model, especially people in Portland, OR
-Pretty Goth Girls (One can never have enough of those.)
-MUAs, especially ones that can do horror FX such as zombie and vampires
-Hair Stylists
-People with Victorian or neo-Victorian clothing
-Steampunk props, especially guns and strange devices
-People with 40's fashions including uniforms, especially SS uniforms
-60's psychedelia and secret agent fashions (think James Bond along with girl in mini and go-go boots)

Most of these are just for random photo shoots and non-commercial. Some are for art for Unhallowed Metropolis, a tabletop RPG involving Victorian fashions and undead, or some RPGs that I'm working on but the money involved in those projects is less than what typically spend on a shoot anyway. All shoots are for TFP which means a CDR of photo files suitable for printing. If you actually want prints, I can probably do that too.
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In February, I am headed to Templecon in Warwick, RI. In preparation, I am printing up lots of prints and merch from various UnMet shots I have done. Other photographers in the book may also send some prints. Also there will be the writers, Jason and Nicci, cover artist George Higham, and another artist Robert Tritthardt. It should be a fun time and I believe we are throwing a party. I will also be running around taking photos and looking for people to do photo shoots while there.

Working on more Unhallowed Metropolis photos and there are several people we are looking for. We need a good MUA capable of doing horror FX. We need somebody to help us make zombies and vampires. We also need an armorer. The world of Unhallowed Metropolis has lots of armored characters and we need actual armor to get into the shot. Somebody that could loan or make stuff for us would be great. Chainmail and leather mostly. Prop makers are also always in demand. Of course, we know how much work goes into such things which is why we aren't doing it ourselves. Ideally, I'd like to work out a trade for photos and prints.
Looking for new models to shoot in studio. All would be TF* work in my studio in the 619 Western Building in Seattle. Times could be weeknights or weekends. No theme. It would mostly just be fashion shots with model providing outfits, hair, and makeup. This is to get some shoots in and hopefully find new models for future projects.
Come down and help us congratulate Jason on the completion of his newest book! The book is done. There will be a hardcopy at the show. Everybody will have pictures hanging and lots of celebrating to be done next artwalk (next week).

For more information about Unhallowed Metropolis please visit

Thursday, March 5th
The Art of Unhallowed Necropolis
Featuring the works of...

Angel Ceballos
Jason Soles
Mearcair Studios
Raven Mimura
Robert Tritthardt
& Trent Tynes

Starfish Studios
619 Western Avenue
Fourth Floor South
I'm currently looking for models willing to do a piece to submit to SEAF (Seattle Erotic Art Festival). Still forming ideas but thinking of doing something in a SciFi flavor. Something that might have a title like "Perversions of the Harkonnens". It will probably still be a little tame compared to the usual SEAF submissions but would require full nudity. Initially looking for a pretty female and some big burly bodyguards to be in overcoats, jackboots, and gas masks. From there, I'll worry about some male victims or such. Will probably try and tie this into the Prussians in the Unhallowed Metropolis stuff. That means cabaret and WW1 German military style clothing.

Deadline for submissions is Jan 30th. I would like to shoot in December but early January is an option. Afraid shoots would be TFCD.
I'm done with my birthday and back from London and Montreal. It's now time to ramp up the photography so I'm looking for models in the Seattle region (Portland or Vancouver might work). Steampunk a plus. Gothic good. Strange always welcome. Always looking from more material for Unhallowed Metropolis. I have some other projects I need to work on also.

Also looking for bands that need promo pics, either posed or live shots or people with merchandise that need photos for ads and the like. Anything that might end up in print so I could get a tear sheet out of it.

My next vacation will be at Burning Man with my usual camp, Black Rock City Hardware Shoppe. It'd be cool to arrange some shoots there also.

All shoots would be TFCD.
Plans are in the making to fly to London early this May. While there I plan on doing photo shoots both for the RPG games, Unhallowed Metropolis and Victoriana. I am looking for models there who would be willing to do TFCD shoots who have appropriate clothing and props.
Unhallowed Metropolis is having it's official release party in Seattle at the Mercuty on Fri, Sep 28th. I did photography and playtest for this game and continue to do more for the future books that are being worked on. It is a steampunk dress up event.

Flyer for Release Party

After that and right before the HP Lovecraft Film Festival, there will be a book signing for Unhallowed Metropolis at The Dreaming game store in the U District in Seattle on Oct 4th. Jason Soles will be there along with illustrator Raven Mimura and cover artist George Higham as well as myself and perhaps a few more of the artists.

Flyer for Book Signing
People's Republic of Kascadia
presents a
Showing of Proletkult approved art
Thursday, May 3rd Artwalk, 6-10pm
619 Western, 4th Floor S, Seattle
Mnemonic Gallery & Starfish Studios

Art by:
Jason Soles
Ann Koi
Raven Mimura
Unknown Artist
Pol (if he shows up with his art)
Turns out we got the studio space last night. Now I have a photo studio along with Chuckie and two of his friends.  We can have wild photo parties and I can see if I like doing studio work.