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Boy oh boy, it's been a long time since I've posted here. Over one year. I feel bad for not updating my journal, therefore I am doing this right now. I've been busy studying lately and I'm trying to update my blog ( as often as I can. And I have to admit that I'm not that creative anymore as I used to be. But from time to time, the spark lights up again and I'm posting some pictures.

  • Reading: Stephen King - The Dark Tower: The Wolves of the C
Well, it's been a long time since my last journal entry. In the meantime, I've uploaded some stuff but wasn't really active here. I don't know if this will change in the next time, but I'm here and alive! I made a bunch of picture in the last weeks, I've published some of them already, maybe you've noticed this.
I'm not a subscriber anymore due to the lack of money and time to use it. It's a pitty, all my equipment, colors and everything lie idle, I hope I can change this some time soon.

Nevertheless, please enjoy my new pictures!

  • Listening to: Herman's Hermits - No Milk Today
  • Reading: Kafka. Still.
  • Watching: As much movies in the theatre as I possibly can.

Future. And features.

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 4, 2009, 10:58 AM
Hello my virtual friends,

my civilian service will be over soon and life will go on, again. But there are difficult questions I have to answer. I definitely want to study at an university, but I really don't know what. No, thats not right... I know some disciplines I'd like to study and for which a will apply, but which is the right one? I have to make the decision between informatics, electro and information technology, architecture or special education. Those are the ones I will apply for. But I really don't know what to do then. Hard decision, but there is some time left to decide.

Here are some extraordinary pictures people posted in my thumbshare-thread. Please visit the artists' galleries, they are worth it!

Fuego by Fant0me Details In The Fabric by tango-shoes
waiting by JonazH10 All Aboard... by Not-Bernard
:thumb123884243: City Scape by CMHPhotography
British Museum Model 01 by aaron-thompson Co-Conspirator II by BenGoodspeed

  • Listening to: My own songs on the guitar
  • Reading: some Kafka stuff (for real!)
  • Drinking: Water

Merry.... (+ART THIEVERY!)

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 28, 2009, 10:21 AM

Spring! ;)

ART THIEVERY! Please check the following link if you recognise any picture from a fellow artist! PLEASE BE AWARE! >>… <<

Well, you see, I'm not the one who updates his journal on a regular basis. Maybe I'm just not that
eager to communicate with journals and blogs. I always have the feeling that nobody reads it anyway, so maybe therefore I don't care too much about it. BUT I'm still alive and breathing and I've already uploaded some stuff.


YELLOW. by marc-bruno BLUE. by marc-bruno
RED. by marc-bruno GREEN. by marc-bruno


:iconfineart-photography: :iconblacks-and-whites: :iconshutter-vision: :iconphotographersclub: :iconunseen-photographers: :iconex-po-zure: :iconnaturephotographer: :iconcameraartsclub: :iconpentaxda: :icontraditionalart: :icononewordphoto: :iconcolorfulartclub:

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Daily Deviation! Free feature for watchers!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 6, 2008, 4:00 AM
I Love dA !

Marc Bruno Schroth
:iconmisantropia: :icongarycrimson: :iconmiriamcelia: :iconraumasy:
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Good Day my friends,

it's cold out there. And rainy. And gray. But it is nevertheless a wonderful bright day. Why? Because I received my first Daily Deviation ever (…)! I am so proud and happy. As mentioned in my last journal I've started my civilian service and it is quite hard work with so little time for my hobbies. Receiving a DD right now is giving me all the more to me. I particularly want to thank those people who are giving me constructive critique and support me in a loyal way until now. I can't name them all, but to give you something back, all my watchers should feel free to send me a thumb of your choice and I'm going to feature it here. Thanks again, this community means a lot to me! I hope I can find some time soon to be a little more active here.

Keep on going, you guys rock!


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Changes to this account, features and more...

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 20, 2008, 5:16 AM
I Love dA !

Marc Bruno Schroth
:iconmisantropia: :icongarycrimson: :iconmiriamcelia: :iconbksarts:
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Hello my friends,

it has been quite a time since my last journal update. But nevertheless, here we go:
In the meantime I've got my Abitur (something like A-Levels) and this means I'm tasting the wonderful sweet freedom at the moment, until September 1st, when I start my civilian service. So I can do whatever I want all day long.... lucky me! Including takting photos, painting and drawing (or just doing nothing... :D). Which leads us to my next topic:
I've started to use this account again for my traditional work, too. Some time ago I've decided to create another account especially for my paintings and drawings. But this needs too much time, so I'll upload my work here again, I hope all my photography-watchers don't have a problem with that ;)

Last but not least, here are the promised features. Look at their galleries, they're all worth a look!


:thumb88157049: :thumb91598832: :thumb88270244: :thumb90470503: the music is alive by child-stainless View from the Eiffel Tower by myspeedofdark
summer by neoloonatic Josephine ... by matze-end Crossing Over by mudwrestler Ominous Sky by mudwrestler
Under August Sun - BW by overmood

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Journal Update + Features

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 22, 2008, 9:33 AM
I Love dA !

Marc Bruno Schroth
:iconmisantropia: :icongarycrimson: :iconmiriamcelia: :iconbksarts:
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I'm proud to anounce that my website is finally online again. I'm still not finished with uploading, but you can already find some stuff, that I haven't released on deviantArt or somewhere else. So I think it's worth a look for all those interested in photography. I would be happy to see some feedback on the website!

And after that plumpy advertisement I want to give you something back. Therefore, I've found again some beautiful work, which I want to show you hereby. No particular order, as always.


Kid with car by tylerdurnen Reflection by ke3kelly walls of life by Calisto-Melancton Winter by akrasiel Winter Haybails by IraMustyPhotography Climbing up by mep92 Into Streets... by Puritanikal View by Amelie1994 Portal by laurencecc There by filipemcosta Fish me the sun by filipemcosta Genius by giuliabigi Fishing Boat by rotting-cadaver The Descent by Luke-ro Spectres of a City by drkshp Icing by drkshp by the sea 001 by dez0424

Thanks for your participation and congratulations for the feature, you all deserve it!

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  • Reading: examples for the maths exam
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  • Drinking: water

New Camera and Features.

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 22, 2007, 11:43 AM
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  • Reading: comments!
  • Eating: Mon Cheri
  • Drinking: water


Okay Guys!

Today i've got my new Pentax K100D - and I love it! As you might have recognized, I've made some shots, three of them already made it to my gallery. I hope I'll find enough time to take some more photos soon. I would love to see some feedback!

And here is the promised feature. I've made a forum thread, many great artists took their chance... and these are the chosen ones:

(no particular order)

by o-kaykay
The blue color exudes a wonderful calm atmosphere

by SSPirate
An interesting composition combined with an even more interesting thought

by visualawakenings
Very expressiv and vivid. Great technique.

Freedom::: by Madhorse5
by Madhorse5
this picture is filled with life, outstanding

There by filipemcosta
by filipemcosta
Minimalistic, but strong in expression

by JessicaBader
Great colors make this piece come alive

by jo-po-17
A strong sense transported by a great technique

by jodelidojootje
Excellent sharpness makes you see the hope in his eyes

Great artists, go visit their galleries... now!

So far, thank you for watching!


Month Review.

Journal Entry: Sun May 27, 2007, 6:03 AM
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  • Reading: comments!
  • Eating: ice cream against the heat
  • Drinking: anything, but cold!


Many things happened last month. At the beginning, I've been to Spain, more exactly to Barcelona. It is a great city, with so much things to see, so much people, such a vivid place. I stayed there for a week and I had also the chance to visit the Dalí museum.
Manageable in size, but you're able to discover a lot's of sketches and works of Dalí. It was absolut fabulous to see the work of such a man. I can't describe the pictures, but who can? Surrealism at its best.
Back at home, the daily life grabbed me with his long fingers. Lot's of things to do for school and home, but now, here I am, enjoying my spare time!

As you can see, I still found the time to finish some old works and polish some shots, I hope you all like them and find your favourite piece.

At the end, I want to feature three of my latest favourites:

fa brutto3 by chumo
by chumo
Obviously a great technique, fantastic pose

The Vanishing by Nick-Ian
by Nick-Ian
As you might have read, I've been to the Dalí museum... Dalí would be proud of this piece, too!

by d4rkn3z
I found that shot today, I love the intensive colors and the peaceful mood of it

So far, thank you for reading,


In The Waiting Line

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 31, 2007, 7:38 AM
  • Listening to: Zero 7 (you have to know them!)
  • Reading: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
  • Watching: raindrops crackling on my window
  • Eating: unhealthy things
  • Drinking: orangejuice

Everything's fine!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 18, 2007, 2:59 PM
  • Listening to: Sonata Arctica
  • Reading: The Robbers by Friedrich Schiller
  • Watching: Poker, Poker and more Poker!
  • Eating: chocolate...need...more...chocolate!
  • Drinking: boring, normal, cold, clear water
  • Listening to: Red Hot Chili Peppers... *ARGH* I can't stop!
  • Reading: The Dark Tower by Stephan King
  • Eating: Is there any word for &quot;Maultaschen&quot;...?
  • Drinking: Nothing special at the moment
As you can see, I haven't found much time for my own art in the last couple of months. In the meantime, I have made my driving licence *YAY* and lots of other things happened.
But now, I'm motivated enough to sit here and be creative. There is definitely something in work which I will show you soon.  

Anyway, I wish you all a great year 2007, enjoy every minute of it!

so far

Yeah, really, summer has finally arrived in Germany, with lovely 27°C today! Wohoo! After 7 cold, melancholic, depressive and dull months I hope that this isn't only an intermezzo...*hope*
I can feel life is coming back to nature and all beings... I love this feeling and I'm sure you do as well :)

Anything else? No.

Over and out!


P.S.: I don't like rap, hip hop or what ever you want to call that "music", but the phrase from this song in the subject couches it perfectly... please forgive me ;)
What do I have to say? What do I want to say?

I like to draw my favourite category is surreal. If i listen to music, watch a good film or read a book, or I am simply bored something flashes through my mind and makes me to be creative. I start to draw and my thoughts conduct my pencil.... sometimes the only result is crap> but every once a time I create something special =)

Why do I often use squared paper?
->Simple reason: School can be so boring ;)

I hope there is something you like in my gallery and feel free to contact me :)