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Realms: Oz

Name: Oz
Species: Hypno
Type: Dark/Psychic 
Special Traits: Alchemized
Gender: Male
Hatch Date: 12-11-14
Ability: [2] Insomnia
Obtained FromTransfer

Personality: Oz is quite the gentleman and is very polite to those he speaks with. While a normal Hypno would enjoy sweeter dreams, he enjoys nightmares due to his dark typing. Thus, Oz tends to eat the nightmares of those he lives with. He is also very fatherly and helps teach younger Pokemon manners. 

Level: 69
HP: 70
Attack: 61
Defense: 51
Special Attack: 67
Special Defense: 55
Speed: 59

Move List:

Experience Log:
Transferred- lvl 36, 180 stat
Old Ref- 4lvl 20stat
Move Dump- 4lvls 20 stat
Star Festival Objective 1 5lvl 29 stat
Oz Evolves- 7lvls 37 stat
Oz x Bittersweet Litter- 5lvl 26 stat
Ref- 3lvls 16 stat (2 HP, 3 Sp. Attack, 8 Sp. Defense, 3 Speed)
It Counts (Mephino) - 5lvl 29 stat (5 HP, 10 Attack, 11 Sp. Attack, 3 Speed)

Father: Oscuro
Mother: Sandra

Breeding: Closed, Lifemated to BitterSweet

Finished or Sketch?: Finished
OZ | Hypno: 1 Full Body, 1 Color
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Finished Art - Fullbody, Color

Oz gained 2 HP, 3 Sp. Attack, 8 Sp. Defense, 3 Speed.
Oz has earned 16 stat points! Oz gained 3 levels!

Trainer earned 26 Trinities.