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    The cool ocean breeze felt good against Aiden’s thick fur as he sat on his brother’s shell. Aiden loved water, however his Venonat fluff weighed him down whenever he got wet. So instead of swimming, his Lapras brother Harper would take him sailing. It was the best way to enjoy what he loved. However, Harper was not heading away from land for their current trip.  
    “Harper we’re sticking too close to the shore, head further out.” Aiden pointed a small claw towards the ocean horizon.
    Harper turned his head to look at Aiden apologetically, “Sorry, but Cassandra said not to head far out this time, something about danger and wild Pokemon being spotted.”
    “If we go out a little bit I doubt it’ll hurt. I mean, we haven’t actually heard of anyone getting attacked, and you can swiftly swim away if there is something out there.” Aiden’s ears bent back as he began to give Harper a slight pout. Even though Aiden was the older brother he still acted like a child, and both his younger brothers indulged him.
    Harper sighed, weak against Aiden’s expression, “I guess I don’t have to stick this close, the water is a bit shallow around here anyway. Makes it harder to swim.” He turned his body and began to swim away from the land.
    The shore slowly shrank in the distance as they sailed away. Aiden smiled and closed his eyes as he lifted his head up to take in the feeling of the wind. In his moment of bliss, Aiden was taken by surprise when Harper’s movements came to a halt. Aiden jerked forward and found himself colliding into his brother’s neck.
    “Hey!” Aiden squealed as his brother began to thrash around. He quickly grabbed onto a piece of protruding shell as to not fall off. “What are you doing!?”
    “Something’s trying to drag me down!” Harper shouted in fear. Large gray tentacles reached out from the water and began to wrap themselves around Harper. Aiden tried to claw them away, but there were too many. Once he pushed back one, another would strike at him.
    Two glowing red orbs began to rise beside the struggling Harper. They belonged to their attacker, a Tentacruel whose body was covered with deep blue speckles. The deviant let out a screech as it continued its attack. Its arms whipped forward to smack Aiden away. Aiden tried to keep his balance as he furiously swiped in defense. His claws made contact from time to time but he could not keep up with the attack. As he scratched one tendril another hit his leg, causing him to stumble. Aiden could not regain his balance on the wet shell and fell backwards.
    Aiden heard his brother call his name as he hit the water. He got a mouthful of it as he cried out, causing his throat to burn. His arms flailed as he tried to reach the surface but the weight of his fur was too much. He felt his body sinking. Filled with terror, he kept trying to swim upward but his arms weakened. He did not think he was going to make it.
    As Aiden gave up hope, he felt his body rise. He feebly wiggled in confusion and when he broke through the surface he found himself gasping and coughing.
    “Release him intruder, this is my territory.” Aiden heard a stern voice. He cracked his eyes open to see faint purple glow lifting him. Not too far away, a Frillish hovered over the water, glaring at the Tentacruel who had constricted Harper. The Tentacruel only let out a harsh cry in response as Harper groaned in pain.
    “So be it.” Cassandra pointed an arm at the attacker and enveloped the Tentacruel in a similar glow to Aiden’s. However, this glow forced the tentacles to release their hold on Harper. The deviant hissed as it was flung back.
    Now that Harper was freed, he took the opportunity to quickly swim away from his captor and over to Aiden. The floating cat was gently lowered onto Harper’s back. Both Pokemon were shaken up from the surprise attack. Yet, now that the two were out of harm for the moment, Harper nuzzled his head against his brother as Aiden hugged him back.
    “What did I tell you about coming this far out Harper?” Cassandra interrupted the moment by reprimanding him. Harper glanced down in shame and before he could respond, a wave of purple goo hit the psychic jellyfish. Cassandra winced as the poison made contact, but she kept herself composed. It would not do any good to show anger. Without even turning to face the Tentacruel, she used Psychic once more to toss it back. Cassandra had more power over the deviant.
    “You have no more advantage here, leave and never come back.” The Tentacruel hesitated as it glowered at Cassandra. It appeared to want to attack once more but then it turned away and dove under the water. The prey was no longer worth the fight.
    After a small period of silence, Aiden cheered at Cassandra’s victory. His joy was short lived as Cassandra gave him and his brother a fierce look.
    “This is no time to celebrate, you two would not have been attacked if you had not disobeyed my order. You need proper punishment. Follow me to shore.” Cassandra turned away and began floating towards the speck of land in the distance. Harper and Aiden hung their heads low. Even though they were hurt unsettled, Cassandra would in no way lessen their punishment. They followed quietly behind Cassandra dreading what was to come.
An exploration, amazing, I really need to practice writing more because I just don't feel comfortable with it. 

Number of Moves Learned: 1
Aiden: Fury Swipes

Word Count: 939 Words
Correct Spelling & Grammar?: Yes
Harper | Lapras: Major  
Aiden | Meowth/Venonat: Major
Cassandra | Psychic Alchemized Frillish: Minor [384 Words]

Explorer: MarbleSplotch 
Type of Exploration: Biome
Type -or- Biome: Ocean
Items being Used: None
© 2015 - 2022 MarbleSplotch
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Word Count: 939

Harper gained 4 Attack, 13 Defense, 4 Sp. Attack, 3 Sp. Defense, 7 Speed.
Harper has earned 31 stat points! Harper gained 6 levels!

Word Count: 939

Aiden gained 5 HP, 10 Attack, 12 Defense, 4 Sp. Attack, 9 Sp. Defense.
Aiden has earned 40 stat points! Aiden gained 8 levels!

Word Count: 384

Cassandra gained 3 Sp. Defense, 4 Speed.
Cassandra has earned 7 stat points! Cassandra gained 1 level!

Trainer earned 159 Trinities.

Common Reward
You found a(n) Snorunt [Ability 2]. Would you like to take it home with you? If so please specify a gender.